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Why should you consider Checklists? Agile is a systematic approach to product development. Great agile teams are very disciplined and follow structures that help them build products of high quality. Instead of dealing most of their time with bugs, great agile teams make new and valuable features. This is enabled by consistency in [...]

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Roadmap Lists

Manage your mid-term plans Product Owners should plan for more than just one sprint ahead. The mid-term planning increases the transparency for business stakeholders and teams regarding what should be completed next. Roadmaps in the timeline are excellent visualization of complex plans. But at the same time, they might be too complicated to [...]

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ScrumDesk 9.42.2: Share Business Context with Team

What is new in ScrumDesk? In the newest ScrumDesk version, our main focus was to bring agile teams closer to the context of their business which is the reason why teams are needed. Why this topic? Working with dozens of agile teams, our Agile mentors recognized that agile teams are too much focused [...]

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ScrumDesk 8.47: Retrospectives, Objectives and Key Results, Root Cause Analysis

Retrospectives Retrospective Sessions Does your team like the retrospective format and use it even for non-retro brainstorming workshops? Create a retrospective session to keep all session ideas in one place. Every session might have a retrospective theme assigned so the team knows what to focus on in their brainstorming. Retrospective filters [...]

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ScrumDesk 8.44: Microsoft Teams notifications + Custom fields types

Microsoft Teams notifications Is your Agile team distributed? Does your company use Microsoft Teams as collaboration tool? Stay informed on project changes in your agile team even without ScrumDesk. Integrate ScrumDesk with MS Teams application via incoming webhook to get the notifications on new backlog items, tasks, their changes, or just new worklogs. [...]

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ScrumDesk Mobile for iOS is available

ScrumDesk mobile gives you high transparency and control over the management of projects in an agile way. With mobile edition you will be able: Access projects developed by your teams. Check all planned, active and finished iterations or sprints. See all product backlog requirements. Understand who is working on which task. Track task status [...]

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ScrumDesk, GitHub, BitBucket and Redmine integrations

GitHub integration Is your project stored in GitHub while the project is managed in ScrumDesk? From now don't forget to mention #ScrumDeskBacklogItemID in the commit, or comment, or wiki page title and the link to them will be added to the related backlog item stored in ScrumDesk. Following events are supported: commit comment, wiki [...]

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Secure your account with two factors authentication

Enable Two Factors Authentication The two factor authentication increases the security level by inclusion of the mobile device into the authorization process. You will need to enable two factor authentication first: Log into ScrumDesk. Click the avatar in the left menu. Click on the My Profile menu option. Click EDIT button at the [...]

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ScrumDesk 6.36.1: Project Status Overview

Project Status Overview Charts Product owners need to have an understanding of the overall status of the product backlog from multiple perspectives. Especially when it needs to be discussed with stakeholders and sponsors. With Project Status Overview chart, ScrumDesk now allows to see: The status of backlog items as a total number of items [...]

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ScrumDesk 6.34: Treemap and Analysis Reports for Product Owners

New reports Backlog Treemap The most important job of the product owner is to understand the product backlog at any point in time. The product owner needs to know what to plan as the next, what was delivered and when, what is blocking backlog items, and who. You will probably need to understand business [...]

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ScrumDesk 6.33.2: Minor changes and fixes

This time we published a few fixes and minor changes improving the usability of the ScrumDesk application to help you manage your projects easier: Dialoge Unfinished backlog items displayed when is not necessary. Work by task type, time perspective, numbers on X-axis divided by 60. Projects are still displayed in the list immediately after [...]

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ScrumDesk 6.32: Objectives and Key Results + Dependencies

New features in ScrumDesk v. 6.32 Objectives and Key Results Dependencies tracking Faster time tracking Filter improvements Billable work Change hierarchy in the STORY MAP Measure spent time vs. capacity planned Recurring payments Objectives and Key Results (OKR) — track goals with ScrumDesk Agile is a great tool for the company to execute its [...]

ScrumDesk 6.29.1: Improved Root Cause Analysis Editor + Kanban

Root Cause Analysis Editor We are glad to see more and more (and especially experienced) agile teams use the Root Cause Analysis editor to build a shared understanding of the reasons for their impediments. This way agile teams can focus on the true cause of the problem instead of solving some indicators. In this [...]

ScrumDesk 5.27.2: Archive Epic. Bring transparency into the product backlog

Archive epic From this version, you can archive not just release, but epics as well. ScrumDesk is used by customers in multiple ways. Some customers prefer epics as long-term containers of user stories. This is especially useful for product development where epics represent bigger functionality. Some other customers prefer however epics as project phases [...]

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ScrumDesk 5.27.1: Free Guest Accounts for Stakeholders

Guest accounts for free Do you want to play fair & transparently in front of your clients, stakeholders, or managers? Invite them to your organization account and then assign them to projects as guests. Guests are able: to read everything, to actively comment tasks, be mentioned and notified via ScrumDesk. To invite guest just [...]

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ScrumDesk 5.26: Roadmap Editor improvements

Roadmaps Editor Real start and end These fields are calculated based on the progress of nested backlog items once their subtask  were started. New Delta fields They indicate how much late or earlier the feature has been developed comparing to plans specified in a roadmap. Other changes of the roadmap editor Even ScrumMaster can see [...]

ScrumDesk Roadmaps are here!

Do you take care of the complex agile project developed with one or more scrum teams?  Are your teams dislocated? Or do you manage product portfolio with the help of ScrumDesk? Now you can do scheduling of the project in ScrumDesk not just with releases or sprints. ScrumDesk Roadmaps are an easy way to plan and schedule [...]

ScrumDesk 5.25.1: Archive old Releases

ScrumDesk is available for more than three years already and many customers finished dozens of releases and sprints. Now is the best time to forget them! With this version, you can archive release, its sprints, and backlog items so they are not loaded anymore in BACKLOG, PLAN or WORK views. This will significantly increase performance. [...]

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More than 4 users? Check your ScrumDesk account before March 5th!

The change of our pricing plan has been communicated in October the last year. ScrumDesk's pricing plan is now a combination of the monthly subscription fees for user licenses and one-time payment for selected modules. On March 5th  we will start to issue monthly invoices for accounts with more than 4 free user licenses [...]

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ScrumDesk 5.21.3: Move subtasks. Integrated payment

The latest version of ScrumDesk suite allows you to pay for user licenses and to buy additional packages directly from the application. VISA/MasterCard/Diners Club cards are accepted. Move subtask to other backlog items Until this version, it was possible to move subtask to other backlog item displayed on Kanban board in WORK view. Now you [...]

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