ScrumDesk mentor
Jiří Bečvár

Jirka joined ScrumDesk in the year 2020 in order to help us develop ScrumDesk consulting branch in Czech Republic.

His agile journey started more than 5 years ago when he lead an agile transformation in one of the most significant Czech insurance company with ScrumDesk cooperation. Since then, Jiří has managed several big projects with internal and external teams using Scrum and gradually evolved from being a Project Manager into becoming an experienced Product owner.

Jirka has a passion for taking his knowledge of the business and solving problems to improve the ability of IT to create more value and deliver on the needs of the organization.  He enjoys building high performing teams, creating business Agility, developing lean processes, and setting strategic direction.

Jiri Becvar

Interview with Jirka

Consultancy services

  • The strategy, design and execution of Agile transformations.

  • An alignment of waterfall and agile project management practices.

  • Business Agility.

  • Agile in the complex portfolio and product development.

  • Re-design of products to better fit an agile way of development.

  • Business modeling, Objectives and Key Results definition, product vision and strategies.

  • Engagement of stakeholders and setup of their involvement in the agile delivery.

  • Mentoring of Product Owners.

  • Leader for agile transformation activities.

Professional expertise

  • More than 15 years of experience in IT, consultancy, and management of projects in Government and Finance.

  • Design of products vision, strategy, value proposition, business model and backlogs.

  • Training and mentoring of product owners and management.

  • Consultancy services for products in public sectors.

  • Business architecture and analysis.

  • Product ownership.


Certified project manager (PMI)

Lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma certificate


English, German (intermediate), Czech


Minit, Raiffeisenbank, Česká pojišťovna, Homecredit