ScrumDesk is available in two editions:

  • Demo edition is available for anyone interested in trying ScrumDesk for free a on shared database. No registration is necessary, just install Windows client application. .NET 3.5 SP1 is required.
  • 5 Free users Edition is fully featured edition for companies willing to have data located in the separate database. This edition is provided in two forms: on-site and on-demand.

On-Site edition provides the possibility to install ScrumDesk locally in your environment on SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008. After registration, you will receive all details how to install the database and configure ScrumDesk. See more in our How To Ep.1 – Database Installation and the webcast bellow.

On-Demand Edition provides the possibility to keep your database located on our hosting servers. You will save resources for database maintenance. The database will be accessible only by you and your team.


After registration is done you should receive an email containing Company license key that is required for correct configuration. Once you will login as administrator, click Licenses menu item and then click Company key to paste it from an email received.

Green (available) users licenses will be listed if company key has been recognized. Before assigning them team members accounts need to be created. Create accounts by click on  Users menu item. Then enter all details.

Now accounts needs to have licenses assigned. Click Licenses menu item, then >> button, choose team member and click Ok.

This way you configured company key, created team members accounts and assigned licenses to users.

Create a new project

The last part of the webcast is the creation of the new project.

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