How to do Agile estimation with story points? Agile estimation is based on simple principles:

  1. apply relative comparison as people are better in relative estimation not absolute,
  2. compare items with estimation references included in the estimation catalogue,
  3. use a simple scale based on the modified Fibonacci scale numbers of which are known as the storypoint,
  4. estimate together, as a crowd,
  5. agree on final estimation,
  6. compare the complexity of problems, not the time necessary for its implementation as it can differ by team members,
  7. don’t over-invest the time into the estimation,
  8. don’t dive into deep details,
  9. accuracy is more important than precision,
  10. don’t estimate all items, just a few of them which will be implemented in the next sprint, or program/product increment time period.

Published with the permission of Mike Cohn from Mountain Goat Software