CopenhagenContext 2015 is a unique conference for testers about context-driven testing. It is the largest international Nordic.

This year the conference will be held for four days, in four parallel tracks with 18 speakers experienced in the testing area of agile development.

ScrumDesk company, a producer of scrum project management tools that help teams to apply agile practices correctly, was addressed by organizers to support the conference.

As the platinum sponsor, we are glad to provide 3 * 20 ScrumDesk Professional unlimited lifetime licenses packages to winners selected from an audience.

Please contact our sales in case you are the winner of such a package.


2015-02-26: CopenhagenContext 2015 – Tutorials

U01: Review by Testing: Analyzing a Specification by Testing the Product – James Bach (US) + Pradeep Soundararajan (IN)
U02: Take 5 on Team Dysfunction – Dawn Haynes (US)
U03: Python for Testers – Kristoffer Nordström (SE)
U04: Introduction to Application Security Testing – Bill Matthews (UK)
U05: Pair-Wise Testing Explained – Lee Copeland (US)
U06: Bulk Testing and Visualization – James Lyndsay (UK)

2015-02-27: CopenhagenContext 2015 – Keynotes

K01: Test Cases are Not Testing: Toward a Performance Culture – James Bach (US)
K02: Work together in hands-on Testnote – James Lyndsay (UK)
K03: A Testing Business meets the Business of Testing – Pradeep Soundararajan (IN) + Jon Bach (US)

2015-02-27: CopenhagenContext 2015 –  Track Sessions

R01: Painting like an Engineer – Skills in Testing – Alexandra Casapu (RO)
R02: Dealing with Context Change – Huib Schoots (NL) + Ruud Cox (NL)
R03: Why is Testing Low Status – Bolette Stubbe Teglbjærg (DK)
R04: When to let go – An Automation Story – Andreas Cederholm (SE)
R05: Pair-Wise Testing Explained – Lee Copeland (US)
R06: The Business Minded Tester – Håkan Ramberg (SE)
R07: Why opposing ISO 29119 is important – Johan Jonasson (CH)
R08: The Mismeasure of Software – Lee Copeland (US)
R09: The Story of a Strange Seed – Helena Jeret-Mäe (EE)

2015-02-28: CopenhagenContext 2015 (Consultant / Freelancer Friendly)

U07: Exploration Under Pressure – Jon Bach (US)
U08: Inspiring Context-Driven Testing – Fiona Charles (CA)
U09: How to be an Explorer of Software – Huib Schoots (NL) and Ruud Cox (NL)