ScrumDesk mobile gives you high transparency and control over the management of projects in an agile way.

With mobile edition you will be able:

  • Access projects developed by your teams.
  • Check all planned, active and finished iterations or sprints.
  • See all product backlog requirements.
  • Understand who is working on which task.
  • Track task status from the mobile application fast.
  • Track estimated, remaining and spent time in work logs.
  • Collaborate via comments and notifications.
  • Check attached files, documents, wireframes or screenshots.
  • Instant save, instant sync.

ScrumDesk mobile is free to use. You will need ScrumDesk Start! or ScrumDesk Professional account. First 4 users are for free. Academic license is for free without limits.

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With ScrumDesk you can start projects with objectives and key results you want to achieve, connect them to product backlog items as epics or user stories, prepare roadmaps, plan sprints, break down work into subtasks, track the progress and collaborate. Plus continuously improve the way of working with retrospectives and analyze the status with instant reports and root cause analysis.

ScrumDesk, the most comprehensive tool for agile management, is used by more than 40.000 companies worldwide since 2007. Our customers, non-profit organizations and universities use ScrumDesk due to its proper implementation and easy to use of Scrum practices.