We see a lot of people in Europe eager to know more about Agile.

We see people who would like to know what does it mean to be agile, how to start with it and how to evolve into an agile company.

ScrumDesk company actively supports agile transition in the Central and Eastern Europe region therefore we actively look forward to bringing more knowledge.

As part of that effort, we are proud to support a new series about agility presented by Tim Yevgrashyn.

Agile on its own is a free series of short online webinars that cover different aspects of Agile. The series is targeted at Russian-speaking people.

The series consists of these trainings:

  1. Agile, how to begin, April 19th
  2. Scrum – why so few roles, practices and artifacts? April 26th
  3. Secrets of Scrum roles, May 10th
  4. How to organize work of Scrum team? May 17th
  5. Scrum rituals: planning nuances and work in the sprint, May 24th
  6. Scrum rituals: Daily scrum, May 31st
  7. Scrum rituals: literate show or advice how to do review, June 7th
  8. Scrum rituals: a retrospective – mechanism of adoption, June 14th
  9. Planning and estimation of agile projects, June 21st
  10. Backlog in Scrum: requirements management and prioritization, July 5th
  11. Agile requirements: Stories by users, July 12th
  12. Agile processes: metrics and optimization, July 19th
  13. From Scrum to Kanban, July 26th

So if you speak or understand Russian, the series is right for you! See more on the original pages.

Who is Tim Yevgrashyn?

Tim is an agile coach who helped dozens of teams to transition to Agile. Check this infographic to find more about him.