Why Value chart?

Agile development is focused on the continuous delivery of business value. It is fine to improve technical quality, but this will not pay for product development. Product owners select and define valuable features which allow earning money for further product development based on business cases. Preferably.

If you are the product owner, you need to know if you add such business value continuously. That is the driver to see how business value grows up over time.

The business value chart is a cumulative chart. The business value of only completed backlog items is considered.

To see this chart, the product owner will have to evidence the business value for all backlog items.

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How to estimate business value?

Well, there is no best answer to this question. Companies estimate business value differently:

  1. Estimation in money. How much you can potentially earn by having that backlog item.
  2. Relative estimation. How much is backlog item worth compared to other backlog items.

As the second option is much more applied in practice, ScrumDesk supports estimation of the business value relatively by default. In advance, there is still a possibility to directly enter the business value as well.

Business value is evidenced in backlog item details.

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