ScrumDesk supports the synchronization of artifacts with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008 via ScrumDesk Synchronization Hub.  ScrumDesk Synchronization Hub is the package of a core application called  Hub and connects to 3rd party systems.

The synchronization  (integration) provides a possibility to have instant access to your stories, tasks, and retrospective ideas directly in Microsoft Visual Studio, while still having a possibility to access the same stories in ScrumDesk as well (and vice versa).


Configuration of the synchronization is more complex as you need to configure more functionality on the TFS side.

Step 1 – Local database installation (optional)

  1. Install SQL Server (any edition).
    1. During SQL Server installation check case insensitive settings!
    2. Configure SQL Server for remote connections. See How To set up SQL Server for Remote Connection.
  2. Download database installation tool. Unzip it to a local hard drive.
  3. Run  ScrumDeskDBMngr.exe.  We recommend using SQL Server Authentication
  4. Additional steps are available:

Step 2 – Synchronization Hub

Synchronization Hub is the tool responsible for the synchronization of artifacts between ScrumDesk and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Download the installation. Configuration is described in Synchronization Hub Manual.

Step 3 – Run Hub

Once the installation ended, run the Hub from the Start menu, please.  During the start-up, a procedure is required message queue created. Do this step before TFS Event Handler installation, please!

Step 4 – TFS Event Handler

TFS Event Handler is a web service called by Microsoft Team Foundation Server when some change occurred.
Download TFS Event Handler installation.  How to set up ScrumDesk for Windows TFS Event handler.

We recommend installing it on the same machine as Synchronization Hub. IIS is required!

Step 5 – ScrumDesk client installation

Install ScrumDesk for Windows.


ScrumDesk MUST be registered. Non-registered licenses are possible to use for 5 days only.

To register ScrumDesk:

  1. Run ScrumDesk
  2. Login as administrator
  3. ScrumDesk should ask you about the Company license key.
  4. if not, click License menu item
  5. then click the License key link
  6. enter company license key you received in an email upon your registration