Proxy support

In some cases, our license service was unavailable due to proxy settings. ScrumDesk supports now the proxy with authentication. Internet Explorer proxy settings are used by default. If you are using a proxy password, set it by a click on a Proxy hyperlink in a login dialog.

ScrumDesk Windows Login Proxy

Set proxy URL, port, login name, and password. If you want to use Internet Explorer proxy settings, click the Use Default button. In this case, the password can not be used from Internet Explorer settings!

scrumdesk windows Proxy Settings

Story impediments

Work on a story can be interrupted at any time by unexpected reasons. This is an impediment.

Impediments are entered by a team member. Impediments can be in a different state: scrumdesk windows New Impediment New ScrumDesk Windows Impediment blocker in-progressprocessing or scrumdesk windows Solved Impediments displayed for a date when the impediment has occurred.

scrumdesk windows user story impedimentImpediments in a story card

scrumdesk for windows Impediments on burn down chart

Impediments in a burndown charts

Story attachments

Every story can have attached files. This can be any type of file. Typically attachments are stored in a place that is accessible to all team members. In advance, ScrumDesk supports attachment upload into a project database. This way the attachments are accessible for all even the team members who can’t use file-sharing based on an operating system.

Attachment can be opened by a double click or by the Open button.

scrumdesk for windows Attachments

The SideView

The SideView has been significantly enhanced. In a previous version, this view displays a burndown chart and the statistics for a current sprint. From version 2.9.5 SideView becomes a central place for project-related assets.

SideView – Project

Tab Project displays basic information about the current project: project name and server and the database containing this project.

All team members are displayed in a list. For every member is displayed picture, name, project role, and a team name. Team members can be filtered by entering text.

Members of the team can be directly contacted by IP phone or email. These buttons are enabled if the user has filled in the corresponding information.

Story assign by drag and drop

You can assign the user to a story or a task just by using drag and drop. Drag a picture to the story or vice versa.

SideView – Backlog

Next Sprint View, known from previous ScrumDesk versions, has been integrated into the SideView. The functionality of the panel doesn’t change. Just drag a story from the panel to the main board or vice-versa.

scrumdesk for windows product backlog board side view

SideView – Search

ScrumDesk supports search now. As a result, it is displayed name of the founded asset and an attribute name in which searched text has been found. The results are grouped by assets type.

To display more details, double-click on the row. Details are displayed only for a sprint, release, story, impediment, and attachments.

scrumdesk for windows search Results


To better categorize stories, tags can be used now. Any story can be tagged by one or more tags. Tags must be separated by “;” character.

Stories can be easily filtered using a tag cloud, a feature known from many websites. To display all stories, click Show all stories button.

scrumdesk for windows search Tags cloud

Filter dialog has been enhanced to support tags also.

scrumdesk for windows filter dialog search tag

If Backlog or Sprint view displays only tagged stories, the information panel displays the tag name.

scrumdesk for windows Info panel with displayed tag description

SideView – News

When a story or an idea has been changed in the previous ScrumDesk version, a notification appeared in the screen right bottom corner. Now, these notifications are displayed in a News panel. In advance, after the ScrumDesk starts, it will display all changes from a last user’s logout.

scrumdesk for windows sideView the latest changes news panel

To display more details, double-click on the row. Details are displayed only for a sprint, release, story, impediments, and attachments.

SideView – About Me

SideView panel  About Me enables a logged user to change contact details. First name, last name, and login name are not allowed to change due to a ScrumDesk licensing policy. Only the ScrumDesk administrators can change these details.

The picture can be changed with a click.

scrumdesk for windows team member details - SideView About Me user profile


Version 2.9.5 offers new reports requested by customers.

scrumdesk for windows reports menu

Parking Lot

Parking lot displays themes statistics view. Every theme is displayed as a card with:

  • theme name,
  • count of the theme’s stories
  • number of completed story points for theme stories
  • total number of story points for theme stories
  • progress indicator with % of completeness

If no theme exists, one card with overall statistics is displayed.

scrumdesk for windows Parking Lot product backlog overview owner scrum project management tool metrics


This report displays sprint progress in a form of a timesheet. The timesheet is generated for all team members and selected sprints.

On a row are displayed stories and tasks. The stories are displayed with a yellow background.

Under a story’s or task’s name is displayed the name of the team member who is working on given tasks. In the second column is displayed duration estimated before the task starts. Following columns displays values entered in a given day by the team member.

In advance, for some values is displayed small arrow. The color of the arrow indicates the exception of the estimated value.

The green arrow  indicates positive progress in the Scrum project.

The red horizontal arrow indicates that in given days no progress has been recognized. This can indicate some unexpected problems with the implementation or that the user doesn’t update the value.

The orange up arrow indicates that the value has not decreased, but increased.

Values displayed with a gray color are values for another team member who participates in the given task.

Stories and tasks can be easily filtered by a click on the team member.  Multiple team members can be selected. Team members can be easily filtered by a filter text box in the right upper corner of the screen.

Sprint can be selected in a combo box from the left top corner.

scrumdesk for windows Time Sheet

The detail of the story can be started with a double-click.

Other significant changes

Story card

  • displays team members’ names who are working on the story,
  • creating a story from a task by dragging and dropping it on the desk.

Stories grid

  • theme support included
  • displays team members’ names who are working on the story.


  • idea category – user can enter free text (i.e. What can be better, What was wrong,…)