Dropbox integration

The latest version brings the possibility to link files stored in the Dropbox cloud service. ScrumDesk uses the Dropbox application model which means that only files stored in Dropbox in Apps/ScrumDesk folder are.

The files might be linked to projects, releases, sprints, stories, and tasks as well.

For more information read the article How to link files from Dropbox.

WIP limits

Kanban guides teams to identify and work according to Work In Progress limits. This helps teams focus on finishing stories rather than working on many of them without final results.

Users can configure theirs project WIP limits on task board view. Limited might be Checked Out and Solved statuses.

If you break the WIP limit, then ScrumDesk will indicate that by different background colors.

scrumdesk Kanban board wip limit subtask scrum project management tool

Further improvements

Dialog Projects

The description of a project is displayed in the Projects dialog. Some users need this to distinguish projects.


Thank you all for your feedback about your experience with background synchronization.

Based on that we implemented these changes:

  • Synchronized height and width of an index card
  • Synchronized assigned user
  • Fixed situation when new tasks appeared as stories on a desk
  • Change of data by sync once they were saved
  • The burnDown chart is updated by sync even for newly created sprints
  • Task added by someone else will end in a crash if taskboard is filtered and newly added task should appear on a board
  • Release, Sprint in the left panel, All releases & Sprint in right – new story added to the left didn’t appear

Burn Down chart and statistics

We changed a burn-down chart algorithm to cover the different approaches to how the backlog is prepared and managed during the sprint. Thank you for your ideas!

Also, we added tasks duration statistics into SideView/Sprint panel.

Planning view

The planning view user interface has been simplified to provide an interface more focused on planning.

  • Instead of the list of releases and sprints combo boxes are displayed now.
  • The list of stories is also made taller to provide more space for stories to work with.
  • Edit lines are displayed with a dark background. You asked to distinguish calculated details from details that need to be updated manually.

scrumdesk release sprint planning capacity velocity


  • Crash if a team member has been deleted by administrator from repository
  • Meeting time has been updated even it was not necessary
  • Parent story saved during the read
  • Multiple null reference fixes