scrumdesk dropbox integrationThe latest version brings the possibility to link files stored in Dropbox cloud service. ScrumDesk uses Dropbox application model which means that only files stored in Dropbox in Apps/ScrumDesk folder are available. The files might be linked to project, releases, sprints, stories, and tasks as well.

How to link a file from Dropbox

Click drop down list near + button to link a file from Dropbox service.

scrumdesk link files from dropbox attachments

If you do this for the first time, you will be asked to authorize ScrumDesk to access your Dropbox user account. Do not close this dialog until you will not authorize ScrumDesk on the page opened.

scrumdesk windows update attachment automatically

The authorization page should be opened in your web browser where you will be asked to log in to Dropbox and allow ScrumDesk to access your Dropbox storage.

scrumdesk windows authorize dropbox

If you allowed an access you will be informed about that by our page:

scrumdesk windows authorization

Now you should see in ScrumDesk a list of files stored in the cloud.

scrumdesk windows attach files from dropbox

Thumbnails are not displayed as Dropbox doesn’t offer this functionality yet.