Traditional versus Agile management is fundamentally different in the core principles. This webinar (in Slovak language) summarizes fundamental agile principles:

  1. Pull principle, a team pulls requirements and tasks to implement them.
  2. As late as possible, details are added as late as possible to do not produce waste working on features that will be removed when they will not be necessary.
  3. Small teams, up to 10 people. Based on psychology principles, agile teams are small so they can self-organize. They are multi-disciplined so they are able to deliver working and usable products.
  4. An order, not priorities. That helps the business to choose what might be the most beneficial for the company, clients and for the team from a technology perspective. The team also starts to pull much easier as an order is already defined.
  5. Deliver often, regularly. Only that way you can measure your productivity, you can receive a feedback from stakeholders and clients as soon as possible. Only that way you will find out any problem in the production. And the team will finish the work and continue to work on some next challenge.
  6. Remove waste. Identify blockers, find root causes, remove them. Optimize workflow constantly.
  7. Retrospective. Improve while your project is still alive. No postmortem, it is post-iteration. Identify what is good and what might be better.
  8. Simple tools. Use postits, cards. Make them visible and transparent. Because this increase a trust.


(In Slovak language)