ScrumDesk is a privately held consulting company, an author of agile and scrum project management tool for teams using Scrum and Kanban. Our specialization is complex Agile implementation and adoption through whole hierarchy of client companies along with the production of supporting agile tools. We can bring not just the knowledge, coaching for your teams and mentoring them on site, but also project management tool.

Our mission is to help teams to use SCRUM with fluidity, effectiveness and global accessibility to get out maximum for everyone involved.

We co-operate with experienced Scrum Masters, trainers, and coaches, who are ready to get your organization, teams, and customers through agile trenches. They will help you change the way of doing things to deliver real value for your customer in shorter time.

Company details

ScrumDesk s.r.o.
Hviezdoslavova 6
082 71 Lipany

ID: 45547009
VAT ID: SK2023044815