ScrumDesk for Windows (retired): Step 2 – Define a team


Product Owner

Work that needs to be done can be easily distributed in more development teams. ScrumDesk connects teams in one virtually connected social community. This community is notified by the ScrumDesk notification system about any change. Teams can be distributed over the internet.

The New ScrumDesk project has one user at the minimum, the author of the project is automatically imported as Scrum Master.

SCRUM defines a few roles for team members:

  • Scrum Master is the coordinator and SCRUM method implementation validator.
  • Product Owner is someone who defines project requirements, features, and stories. The product owner also defines priorities.
  • A developer or Tester is someone who is responsible for requirements implementation and its verification. Typically will estimate story size and implementation duration.
  • A visitor is anybody who can see a project status but can not change anything. The visitor can be managers, stakeholders.

Adding project members

Now we will add a product owner and a few developers.

Press + button to display all company ScrumDesk users. This list is managed by the ScrumDesk administrator. See more in Administration screencast.

  1. Select user called “Ivan” and press the OK button
  2. Choose Product Owner in the combo box for Ivan.
  3. Now you can define others developers, testers, and visitors.

Teams definition

Now we can define our teams. RSS Reader will be developed in 2 countries. In the USA are stakeholders, Ivan, the product owner, and Didier, the project Scrum Master. The team in Slovakia is developing the product as an outsourced team.

To define team, enter team name in column Team for every project member.