The journey of one Scrum Master

About the life of the agile team, relations, Scrumastership, responsibilities and some good practices.  “KEEP CALM SCRUM MASTER IS HERE"  When I started in one of the company’s development team, I had no experience with Scrumastership. The team was already formed and was in the “storming” phase. After coming into the team we reset the [...]

De-bugize! How to plan fixing of bugs in Scrum.

Are you distressed by the huge amount of defects in the product? In this article, you will learn about what practical possibilities you have in agile teams and managing error correction. One of the first questions that pop up whilst introducing agile is how to deal with errors. Too often I hear an immediate answer: [...]

Hey ScrumMaster and Product Owner! Do not overdo it with perfectionism.

Story A: Joe I’ve known ever since high school. Incredibly nice, funny guy. The one you’d like to have in a team. Scrum was always an interesting topic for Joe and he’d read many books about it and showed a lot of interest. When I asked the team who'd wanted to be a [...]

Drugs and team spirit

Teamwork is a part of my professional life for last 20 years. In roles from a team member, team leader, to manager and mentor I had an opportunity to observe different team setups as well as different team dynamics and how it influences the final result. I always  has been curious about these hidden [...]

Kanban or Scrumban?

The Agile company can be recognized by a presence of Kanban boards with index cards of user stories which are put into multiple columns based on their status. Such board looks simple and easy to handle. For agile teams, this is very welcome due to a low level of bureaucracy, high transparency, and easiness of [...]

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Daily stand-up checklist, part III. – Agreements, Definitions of Done & Ready

This article is the continuation of The Daily Stand-up Checklist for ScrumMasters, part II. The aim of this series of articles is to help ScrumMasters to prepare better for daily stand-up so it is efficient, productive and engaging. These tips are based on our observation of 100+ agile teams in their agile transformations. Agreements To get things working fast, regular [...]

Agile Estimation: Principles

An estimation has been questioned in software development for many years. How to estimate accurately & fast? And, is an estimation even necessary? Well, that is the question for thousands of bucks. Because estimation might be expensive. Especially in the age of changes. Time as an estimation unit is wrong! In our agile training, [...]

ScrumDesk v3.10 – sprint review report. What has been finished?

Sprint review reportDo you want to be prepared for sprint review session with all information necessary to review your commitments and status of the outcome? Sprint report is the document that summarizes:Sprint title and goalsSprint start and end datesInformation about the team who worked on sprint itemsInformation about work spent vs. capacity per team memberStatistics of planned [...]

Daily Stand-up forgot the rules!

Although Agile looks chaotic in practice at first glance, good agile teams take heed to the rules agreed upon in a team. Rules for the daily stand-up Rules for the daily stand-up should cover the following: Where will be the stand-up held? What time does the stand-up start? What is the duration of the [...]

Free Scrum Guidelines

While being in agile transition, teams look for information how to do agile correctly. Often the question sounds 'How to DO agile?' We prepared Scrum Guideline that we hope might be helpful to shorten your Agile transformation and stabilize agile environment sooner. The paper describes all Scrum ceremonies with a focus on Why, What, Who, Where and [...]

Agile adaption gaps identification

Doing agile are many obstacles identified. It is not easy to check what does well implemented agile means. A scale of changes that agile transition has brought is often big and related to more areas - to product,  project, leadership, team, tools, development practices and organization as well. The question asked by teams is [...]

Scrum Glossary – Scrum Roles

Pig & chicken Metaphor that helps to distinguish people actively involved in development of the product and people who should not interrupt the team in an iteration. Product Owner Father of the product. Responsible for product success. Provides a vision to the team. Communication channel between the team, stakeholders and customers. Responsible for: product [...]

Start agile transition of your teams correctly with The Drawing Game

The transition of teams to agile is always challenging. People have expectations, habits, and beliefs about Agile. We worked with teams they were saying We are agile already. Because we are time boxed. Well, yes, you are right. Partially. The agile means a much wider range of practices. An agile coach can explain principles [...]

Prepare Definition of Done together

As you are aware, Scrum is based on values very nice summarized by Mike Vizdos's o this cartoon. All of them, however, requires to define working agreement supporting creation of these values. An adaptation is in Scrum done at different levels, mostly through collaboration. Teams  have to have common understanding, common vocabulary. We use [...]

Step 2: Define a team

Who Product Owner Work that needs to be done can be easily distributed in more development teams. ScrumDesk connects teams in one virtually connected social community. This community is notified by ScrumDesk notification system about any change. Teams can be distributed over the internet. New ScrumDesk project has one user at the minimum, the [...]

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Step 4: Planning releases in agile project

In this step product owner and development team will try to plan project releases. Who Product Owner Scrum Master Planning in SCRUM SCRUM is based on development in time boxes called Sprint. Sprint is a time needed to complete selected stories (features, bugs, requirements, tasks,...). Length of the sprint is typically 30 days, but it depends on a development strategy [...]

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Step 9: Daily standup in Scrum

Who Scrum Master Developers Visitors Starting the sprint Scrum Master login to ScrumDesk before the Daily Scrum Meeting. The first thing he must to do is to start the sprint. To start it display SideView/Sprint and press big redStart sprint button. If sprint is started all  changes made to remaining and duration time, changes to stories [...]

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