This time we published a few fixes and minor changes improving the usability of the ScrumDesk application to help you manage your projects easier:

  1. Dialoge Unfinished backlog items displayed when is not necessary.
  2. Work by task type, time perspective, numbers on X-axis divided by 60.
  3. Projects are still displayed in the list immediately after Archive.
  4. Chart Value vs. Effort swapped tooltip text.
  5. A retro idea not supported in Relations + problem with resources used in relations which are not loaded yet.
  6. Change icons in the tab and notifications to the darker border so they are able to be visible on white background.
  7. Retro menu item in the Side View not accessible.
  8. The white color for ToDo items in the Value vs. effort chart is not visible in the zoomed chart.
  9. Numbers in Work by XX charts are not round properly.
  10. Relations: animation indicating search operation displayed in the searched text field.
  11. Cleaned HTML markdown from title displayed in Relation tab.
  12. Color palette extended for backlog items and subtasks.
  13. Project Setup: rename SETTINGS to MY SETTINGS.
  14. Add Zoom for Value vs. effort chart.
  15. PLAN: change Show archived resources to Show archived.
  16. Cleanup Uncompleted backlog items dialog.
  17. Decide what to do with uncompleted BI – displayed epic/feature and card color.
  18. Longer popover Task types in task lists in the side view.
  19. Cumulative chart – enable zoom in the horizontal direction.
  20. Add units to Work by backlog item type and Work by task type charts.
  21. Added description to charts.