Export backlog items

Did you ever need to do a deep analysis of your sprint, or product backlog for management and stakeholders? Didn’t ScrumDesk support such analysis? Showstopper? NOT ANYMORE! You can thank Rick.

Just two steps….

  1. Export currently displayed backlog items to CSV by click on Export menu item displayed at the top of views.
  2. take a breath, deep dive, deep dive, deep dive….

30 attributes are exported so you should have enough information to play with.

Minor changes

  • [FIX] Problem with hours and minutes when task has been updated
  • [FIX] Notification bubble not displayed in all cases
  • [FIX] Invalid offsetting of iteration due date time if due time part sooner then started time part
  • [CHANGE] Tip text if sprint capacity us greater than 120%
  • [FIX] In the “Work” Section, when moving a task from one column to another e.g. from “ToDo” to “In Progress” the tasks state is not directly recognized, so when trying to enter spent time you will change the estimated value of the task. The page has to be fully reloaded for entering the spent value.
  • Logging information who closed the account.