Attach files stored in Google Drive

Are your files shared in Google Drive? No need to download them and upload to ScrumDesk again. Just paste the link into Attachments section in the side view.  As the first get a shareable link from Google Drive.

scrumdesk google drive get shareable link integration

scrumdesk Google Drive link integration

scrumdesk Google Drive integration


Do you prefer DropBox?

In the case of DropBox, you can get shareable file link from the desktop client application, or from the web.

For web edition, you will need to click Share button near the file name and then click Create a link and then Copy link.

scrumdesk DropBox link integration

Then paste this link into ScrumDesk and once it is successful, the file with DropBox icon will be displayed in Attachments section of the side view.

scrumdesk link file from dropbox integration

Click & React. Links to comments in Slack

Do you see a new comment in Slack and you want to react? Now just click it and write your answer!

scrumdesk slack comments

Minor changes

  • [NEW] Possibility to display Complexity chart by estimated or spent time. Now you can check how is your team good in estimation of storypoints.
  • [FIX] Task title not possible to enter in Firefox.
  • [FIX] An internal structure for worklogs has not been updated in case of split/clone. This wasn’t problem for users in front end.
  • [FIX] Fix of 3rd party components as incorrect defects were reported in browser console.


For Product Owners: Requirements hierarchy

Are epics and user stories not enough to describe your products? Maybe it is good you have such problem. Typically it indicates you should think about your epics more thoroughly.

In the last year, ScrumDesk has been started to use by companies with more complex products. In such case, you will probably need to break down epics into features and only then to small user stories. Or even more complex hierarchy (still be aware that less is more!).

When will it be available? Hopefully in our 1-2 sprints!

For ScrumMasters: Find root causes

Our consultants helped more than one hundred of ScrumMasters. When you start with agile transformation, you are probably more focused on Scrum, processes, and teams. However, one important job of ScrumMaster is forgotten.

ScrumMasters are not team assistants. They should be more change agents. The change requires to understand:

  • goals
  • problems and blockers
  • root causes that should be removed first.

If you ever worked with such masters, they are using Casual Loops Diagram, Fishbone diagram or mind mapping.

We want you to do Scrum correctly. Therefore we are preparing the first MVP of Root Cause Analysis module into ScrumDesk where you can analyze your problem. You have to just ask a simple question. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

scrum master optimize impediment root cause analysis analyzes rca

Module RCA will be available in January 2017. Wanna be one of the first users? Shot an email!