In a good product backlog, all the work necessary to accomplish is stored. That way the product backlog is the only place where the agile team needs to check requirements planned for scrum project.

Good scrum project management tool, therefore, must be capable of enabling to work with different product backlog item types.

scrumdesk scrum product project backlog item types

Typical agile project backlog item types

Backlog Item Types

ScrumDesk supports following types of requirements:

  • user story for business requirements,
  • bug for anything you didn’t manage well,
  • research for any requirement that needs to be examined, analyzed,
  • technical for technology activities like an installation of the new server, Git, etc.,
  • improvement for implementation of retrospective ideas or removing an impediment,
  • ticket for any other operational activity which should be tracked on the board.

The type of the backlog item can be changed in the details view displayed on the right side once any backlog item is clicked. Once assigned, the card will indicate the type by a colored strip on the left side of the user story card.

scrumdesk product backlog item types

Choose proper type for the backlog item

Filter backlog items based on item type

With help of the type, backlog management can be filtered easily. Typically different types of items which are related to the epic or feature are held in the user story map as part of that epic/feature. With the filter, you can find out easily how many defects, research or just technical staff you have in your backlog in product areas.

filter product backlog items based on type

Filter product backlog items based on the type