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Comments can be added by any team member or guests invited to the project. To provide information in rich text formatting, just select the text and mark it as bold, italic or underlined. Bullet and numbered lists + hyperlinks can be used as well.


To mention colleague just enter @ character. ScrumDesk displays list of all your team members form which you can choose person to be mentioned and notified by ScrumDesk She will find that comment after she is logged into ScrumDesk

scrumdesk mention team member comment

Editing comment

To edit the comment just click its text in the comments section and start to write. Only author or ScrumMaster are able to change comment text.

Delete comment

Comment can be deleted by click on X icon. Only author or ScrumMaster can delete it.

scrumdesk delete comment


Pictures in comments

In Slovakia, you can hear a saying: “It is better to see once than hear hundreds of time.” Even formatted comments were not enough in some situations, especially if you have agile UX colleagues in teams.

A picture can be added by click on attachment icon displayed in comment edit line.

scrumdesk add pciture to comment


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