Did you miss activities view in ScrumDesk? Are you looking for information what has changed since yesterday?

We decided to focus on an integration with notification services like This great product supports an integration with multiple tools which helps team to have one common place for all changes and activities.

Create web hook in Slack

  1. Click Integration page in team page.
  2. Add Incoming webhooks integration
  3. Choose channel where your messages from ScrumDesk should be kept.
    Choose channel
  4. Configure this integration webhook icon, description and keep URL that is needed in ScrumDesk

Configure Slack integration in ScrumDesk

  1. Click Project Setup gear icon in the left panel.
  2. Scroll down in PROJECT page to Integrations group.
  3. Paste Slack webhook URL that can be found in  Slack integration pane (see step 4 in previous part).
  4. Enter the name of Slack channel where all changes should be notified.