What is on a story card in ScrumDesk for Windows

The basic artifact of Scrum is a story card. ScrumDesk shows a story in the card that contains not just basic information. Learn what is displayed on the card, how to access additional information.

How to customize project in ScrumDesk for Windows

See what is possible to customize in your Scrum/Agile project once you are using ScrumDesk. We are going to explain how to configure release and story types, story templates, etc.

How to add new project and team to ScrumDesk for Windows

Learn how to configure a new project in ScrumDesk, how to define your distributed scrum team, and how to assign roles (ScrumMaster, Product Owner, etc.) to team members

How To register and configure ScrumDesk for Windows

Learn how to choose ScrumDesk edition, how to enter licenses, create a new team member, and a new Scrum project.

How To Install New ScrumDesk for Windows repository

In this video you will learn how to install a new database to be used by your agile/scrum team while working with ScrumDesk.