Product Ownership


Fundamental training for Scrum product owners, business owners and stakeholders of agile teams.

Starting with Agile in 2007 wasn’t easy in Slovakia. We began to produce our project management tool worldwide with many challenges, mistakes and learning. We had to learn about product ownership in real life in a hard way. Since then we had to understand how to define proper product backlog, how to understand who are our customers, how to describe them. How to choose the best features for them and for the business itself. How to make it profitable in long-term. How to specify executable goals and plan all releases and iterations. And, of course, how to build the product with s great team who likes changes.

Based on this 10+ years practice, we included all this learning into the training. To help other companies with agile delivery so you can focus on your products more than methodologies itself.

The training explains the responsibilities of the product owner role. How to describe a new product from vision through strategy with an application of minimum viable product concept to agile product backlog containing all necessary requirements. The course describes how to collaborate with an agile team.

For who

Product owners, business owners, ScrumMasters, project management, business analysts.

A maximum number of attendees is 15 per training.


1 day


  • Product Owner role.
  • Responsibilities of product owners.
  • How to make the Product vision.
  • Product strategy in an agile way.
  • Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Personas, how to know your users.
  • Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas.
  • Objectives and Key Results. How to use OKR method to better target your product and its backlog.
  • Mapping stakeholders and setting-up a proper communication with them.
  • User story format.
  • How to organize product backlog in an agile way?
  • Epic epically, how to define epics properly
  • Break-down of epics. When to use capabilities and features in the product backlog structure.
  • MoSCoW, what is really needed for customers?
  • Business value.
  • How to prioritize backlog items properly.
  • Agile Roadmap.
  • Cost of Delay.
  • User Stories Mapping.
  • Design Thinking and Human-centric techniques for product owners.
  • How to plan program increments (releases)?
  • How the Product Owner should prepare a sprint?
  • Agile product and project metrics.
  • Management of Agile Portfolio Program.