Certified Scrum Development training, CSD

Are you interested in engineering practices that emphasis  the speed and quality of your agile project?

Agile Renovation, Scrum Alliance registered education provider, provides Certified Scrum Developer training in Budapest in September.

Most of Scrum certification training are focused on Scrum practices forgetting little bit development perspective of agile transition. This training speed-ups engineering practices of your teams that are necessary to be improved while adopting agile – Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design etc.

ScrumDesk partnership agreement with Agile Renovation

enables us to provide

special 10% discount of the price of certification

for our customers using ScrumDesk solutions.

How to apply 10% discount?

It is easy. You need to  send an email to us or to Agile Renovation including your ScrumDesk company key you received upon you registration.