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How to split user stories? Part 2: By operations

User stories splitting, working with epic, epic splitting into user stories. One great art. In the first part, we have shown you examples for splitting requirements into smaller ones by the process. Although this is the last division step for many Product Owners, this is not enough for a reasoned app. In this part, [...]

How to split user stories? Part 1: By workflow

The examples were created in the form of a user story map using the ScrumDesk app, where you can easily create a backlog from epics to embedded features to user stories. So far, in our consultation with the agile teams, we have always encountered unfamiliarity in each team about how to split the requirements [...]

Epical epic. How to write epics in Agile.

What is an epic, what to use it for and foremost how? Requirements. Small, large, technical, business, operational, researchable. And above all, plenty of them. During four years of ScrumDesk development, we have more than 800 requirements in our backlog. And these are only requirements that we have decided to implement without any further [...]

De-bugize! How to plan fixing of bugs in Scrum.

Are you distressed by the huge amount of defects in the product? In this article, you will learn about what practical possibilities you have in agile teams and managing error correction. One of the first questions that pop up whilst introducing agile is how to deal with errors. Too often I hear an immediate answer: [...]

Daily stand-up checklist, part III. – Agreements, Definitions of Done & Ready

This article is the continuation of The Daily Stand-up Checklist for ScrumMasters, part II. The aim of this series of articles is to help ScrumMasters to prepare better for daily stand-up so it is efficient, productive and engaging. These tips are based on our observation of 100+ agile teams in their agile transformations. Agreements To get things working fast, regular [...]

The checklist for your daily standups, part I.

The daily standup meeting is a fundamental ceremony in Scrum. Even if you do not follow Scrum, it has a huge impact due to the transparency it brings. Most of the Agile teams and ScrumMasters think the daily standup ceremony is the easiest part of Scrum. Well, should it brings you a value, you want to do [...]

10 ScrumMaster’s failures

We see ScrumMasters fail very often while supporting agile teams in their agile transformations. Based on stories of more than one hundred of ScrumMasters we think that following 10 ScrumMaster's failures are the top most important for agile teams. 1. Because of Agile People do not care about Agile or Scrum. They want a [...]

ScrumDesk v3.8 – print backlog, filters and mentions

Print backlog Finally! Printing has appeared in ScrumDesk. As we have great planning experience with physical cards, we decided for card layout that we suggest to clients of our consultancy team. Printed card layout provides fundamental information necessary for proper release  or sprint planning. Print is available in Backlog and Plan view. Printed are just visible cards so filter [...]

Daily Stand-up done well II.

We approached the reasons for the regular meetings of the team in the first post. Another issue ScumMaster should consider is where the daily stand-up would be held. This topic is obviously more important for the non-distributed teams. The stand-up that has taken place without any changes in a team room is the common mistake [...]

How to link files from Dropbox

The latest version brings the possibility to link files stored in Dropbox cloud service. ScrumDesk uses Dropbox application model which means that only files stored in Dropbox in Apps/ScrumDesk folder are available. The files might be linked to project, releases, sprints, stories, and tasks as well. How to link a file from Dropbox Click drop [...]

FAQ: Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.

Symptoms Starting ScrumDesk dialog with information text "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor." is displayed. Explanation This message indicates that an automatic upgrade is not supported by version v.5.2. Unfortunately we were not able to support automatic upgrade in this version. Solution How to upgrade current installation Upgrade your database using the latest ScrumDesk [...]

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ScrumDesk for Windows – API attachments limits

REST API is in Microsoft Information Server configured by default to transfer binary data of maximum size of 65KB. The size is configurable by parameter maxReceivedMessageSize in web.config file located in API directory. <standardEndpoints> <!--Defines a standard endpoint with a fixed <webHttpBinding> binding that automatically adds the <webHttp> behavior. Use this endpoint when writing a [...]

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FAQ: Problem to delete story with more tasks

Problem In some cases it is not possible to delete a story that contains more tasks. Solution The problem is related to database therefore until we release an updated Dataase Manager, please, download fix script and run it in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Steps: Download fix script Connect to your database in Microsoft [...]

Is this your burndown chart?

ScrumDesk analyzes agile practices applied by teams and helps ScrumMasters to identify gaps quickly. These tips and findings of BurnDown charts are based on our seven years of agile coaching. Check additional metrics that ScrumDesk helps to track. Burn Down chart is a primary scrum metric used to track implementation progress of the agile [...]

User Story Card

Scrum as project management is using the concept of index cards introduced in Extreme Programming (XP). Cards are supposed to establish conversation and clarification of requirements.  The card in ScrumDesk displays more details than paper index card while still provides visibility. ScrumDesk index card's advantages compared to other project management tools: resizable many colors [...]

Synchronize ScrumDesk and Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010

How to setup synchronization of ScrumDesk for Windows with Microsoft TFS. Update January 2017: ScrumDesk Windows is not supported anymore! TFS 2010 is a big improvement comparing to TFS 2008. Moreover, Microsoft company decided to support agile/scrum project management as well via Microsoft Visual Scrum process template. Even this, our customers are asking of [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows – User Story Template

Reaching wider community is for us absolutely welcome not just because of numbers (either count or price). For us, the value is a knowledge how scrum adaptation is done. It is very interesting to see how such simple project management framework is adapted in so many ways. ScrumDesk development begun as materialized idea based on Scrum [...]

Tip: Model reading error… LoginUser_3

Some of you have a problem to login to yor database after ScrumDesk has been upgraded to the latest v.5. Symptoms Error displayed: Model reading error. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Could not find stored procedure 'LoginUser_3'. Explanation Your database needs to be upgraded. ScrumDesk would like to login you, but login procedure is not found. How [...]

FAQ: XML displayed instead of an installation

Symptoms XML file is displayed if ScrumDesk is installed using Firefox. Possible reasons Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 is not installed Installation runs in non Microsoft IE browser Explanation ScrumDesk uses Microsoft Click Once installation technology. Prior Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 non IE browsers required special plugins to support ClickOnce. Solution Install Microsoft .NET 3.5 [...]