Release date: October 16, 2009

Few days after the new version we are releasing a quick fix of problems found by the community.

As an addition is a new document available in Reports/Documents.

Document Sprint Stories

scrumdesk for windows sprint review report

This document provides an easy access to all stories in selected Sprint.

It can be helpful if you are preparing a meeting with your management or customers.

Only subject, importance, estimated, and remaining time are displayed.

The status of the story is indicated by colored rectangle and icon

TIP: Click sprint in the timeline and refresh your document.


  • Document Sprint Overview – make gray labels in the report to distinguish them
  • Display Database version in Project view
  • Reports – Release and Sprint combos are too narrow

Defects fixed

  • It is not possible to create a new story by double click in Planning view for
  • It is not possible to choose Away online status
  • Company Key can’t be assigned
  • Crash if Skype is not installed
  • Unassigned Release is displayed as date 01.01.1000
  • Filter – click on Modified section will crash ScrumDesk if there is no history (untypical situation)
  • Crash when a new story is created
  • Buttons in License view (administration mode) are not displayed incorrect style
  • Crash while calculating Velocity per Week chart
  • Document Sprint overview – Importance was not visible sometimes