Spotify. Well know the name of the company that has changed our behavior how we do listen to music. Not so many years ago we were used to listening to CD, later to MP3 or Internet radio. We were buying albums. Of course, this movement has started to be popular by Apple, but Spotify made music available for free in the basic Spotify edition.

But it is not the music why is Spotify interesting for Agile community. Spotify has started in the green field. Agile has been already proven as a highly efficient way of delivering products in short delivery time, with the possibility to do experiments.

So much needed for a new company that needs to validate business, product, organization and technology stack. Perfect inspiration for startups or small product delivery companies.

What about corporates? As consultants, we have a chance to work with telco, banks, insurance and other types of enterprises. A common topic there is Spotify organization model. We hear that everywhere. A huge change of the operating model for well-organized companies. The organization model is not, however, suitable for the feature.

We have been trying to get the speaker from Spotify to ScrumImpulz for more than three years. In 2018 we were very close, but Spotify went for an IPO and we had to wait.

Today I am more than happy to say, that Marcus Hamrin is going to join us at on May 30!

I spoke to Marcus shortly, up to one hour. From the first moment, we found that there is so much Marcus can share. He is not just an Agile Coach, but he is the Product Owner who likes to build products with a deeper understanding of them.

Markus can teach us how to define experiments, set metrics and adapt products based on real results. For Marcus, the agile metrics are just metrics measuring only one part of the product delivery.

About Marcus Hamrin

Spotify Agile Coach turned Product Manager, with experience from many core roles of software product development in fast growing companies.

Marcus takes a pragmatic and holistic approach to team delivery processes, in order to create value as well as ensuring a healthy and sustainable team culture.

Talk: Useful Process Data – What it is and how I use it

Measuring the processes of a software delivery team easily generates tons of data, but what data is useful to make better decisions? And how can data empower teams to continuously improve?
I will share what I’ve found to be useful to teams I’ve supported as a manager or Agile Coach, as well as in my current context as a Product Manager.
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We would like to invite you to hear & meet Marcus
at ScrumImpulz 2019 conference on May 30, 2019 in Bratislava.