User Stories Mapping

We are proud to say we finalized user story map, the new feature of ScrumDesk. At least up to the level, we think that usability and performance are perfect. But that doesn’t mean we do not want to improve it. We have a couple of additional ideas as well, so be ready for planning possibilities, feature level, and others.

What we changed:

  • Epic card displays progress bar and time details summarizing nested user stories,
  • the performance of drag and drop,
  • three card sizes.
  • the height of epic cards has been decreased to provide more space for user stories,
  • fixed row with epics, only user stories scroll vertically now.

Other changes

  • [CHANGE] To understand what will not be possible to complete till end of the sprint, the Risky Filter now indicates only tasks, not risky backlog items.
  • [FIX]  X icon didn’t respond on task cards.
  • [FIX] Rounded time in sprint report.
  • [CHANGE] Filter panel has been cropped on smaller screen resolutions.
  • [CHANGE] Renamed scope to Estimated time in burn down chart displaying time.
  • [CHANGE] Status of task could be changed in side view even for non-started sprint.
  • [FIX] Fixed tab order of controls in task side view.
  • [FIX] Statistics were not correct if Risky filter has been turned on.
  • [FIX] Fixed system stack errors on API.
  • [FIX] Mad Sad Glad retrospective technique has been mixed with DAKI technique.
  • [IMP] Burn Down chart minor improvements of change of sprint dates.