ScrumDesk user interface

ScrumDesk application window is split into multiple areas.

  1. A project selection to access another project you have access to as well.
  2. The main menu displayed on the left side provides access to different product areas supporting some Scrum/Agile ceremony or visualization of project data.
  3. Account avatar indicates the currently logged user and provides access to additional profile details and log-out functionality.
  4. The top menu is a local menu displayed according to the current view displayed in the center of the screen (5). It provides quick access actions to further manipulate view the view.
  5. A board that displays project assets based on the view chosen in the left main menu (1).
  6. Side view displayed on the right side of the application windows displays all details about the selected backlog item or task.
  7. Action buttons allow user further manipulation with backlog items or tasks. They can be colorized, split, cloned, moved to other projects, or just deleted.
  8. Notification display the number of unread messages or comments the user did not read so far.
  9. Support bubble you can use to send us any questions or feedback.

Scrumdesk user interface overview how to what is

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