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Starting the sprint

Scrum Master login to ScrumDesk before the Daily Scrum Meeting.

The first thing he must do is start the sprint. To start it display SideView/Sprint and press the big red Start sprint button.

If a sprint is started all changes made to remaining and duration time, changes to stories state are tracked by ScrumDesk. ScrumDesk is using this information for automatic reports calculation, history tracking and etc.

Stand up meeting

During the sprint planning meeting team members agreed on a time and place where daily stand-up meetings will be.

Every team member must update their status.

Task Board

A stand-up meeting is made in front of Taskboard.

Taskboard displays stories in the first left column. The following columns contain tasks distributed by the state.


A new task can be created by clicking on the button in the yellow (ToDo) column when the mouse is over it.

The task is presented by a small task card. The Task card displays the name of the task, remaining time, and estimated total duration. The picture in the bottom left corner is the task operator picture.  Click on the button to delete the task,

To change the state of the task, just drag the task to the given column of the task board. Statistics for the story and for columns will be updated immediately.

Double click on the card to display more tasks’ details.

Burn Down chart

The team must be able to distinguish the current status of the work. One way of how to visualize it is the Burn Down Chart.

The Burndown chart displays the remaining story points that must be developed to a given date.

Days of the sprint are displayed on the X-axis. Y-axis displays a number of story points required to develop.

Ideal progress is represented by a white dashed line.  The orange line displays actual progress.

If the orange line is above the white, progress is slower than expected. The orange line below the white indicates good progress.

The goal is to reach 0 story points at the end of the sprint.

Burn Up chart

Another way to display the sprint’s progress is the usage of the burnup chart. This chart displays story points developed to a given day vs. the total size of the effort to a given day.

It is good to visualize changes in the sprint backlog size.

Quick Statistics

Overall statistics of the sprint are displayed in the SideView.