ScrumDesk Windows user interface simulates the simplicity of wall board with a possibility to display the backlog in different styles, therefore, allows to better manage the product backlog.

The user interface displays more views in separated tabs. This way can user works with more backlogs at the same time.

The top row displays menu, the current project, logged user identification and his online status.

The second row displays Infoline with information about the current view and filter applied. The filter can be defined by click on this line or Advanced button. In case there were some changes recognized in the database, the Infoline will be displayed in an orange color and information text.

Timeline brings time perspective. The timeline can be scrolled and dragged by the mouse and also zoomed in or out. It displays events like sprints, releases and demo events.

Tab switch provides an access to all displayed backlogs. In advance, the first button displays all boards in preview mode.

The board, preview, zoom and story pane are displayed according to the current view.

USer interface basics