agile roadmap delta indicatorsRoadmaps Editor

Real start and end

These fields are calculated based on the progress of nested backlog items once their subtask  were started.

New Delta fields

They indicate how much late or earlier the feature has been developed comparing to plans specified in a roadmap.

Other changes of the roadmap editor

  • Even ScrumMaster can see roadmaps now. No need to wait for the product owner.
  • Milestones have a tooltip displayed in the roadmap editor now.
  • The ghost box representing a real progress is clickable and has tooltip with further details now.
  • Newly created  epics was not possible to put into the roadmap right after the creation of the epic.
  • Epic start date was not possible to change to any date as there was unnecessary validation. Now you can change the date to any date you need.
  • Dragged item’s details were not displayed in some situations.
  • Support of different zoom level set in your browser.
  • Real starting date has been always earlier by 1 day. Sorry, +-1 problems are hard to find :).
  • The list of roadmaps is closed once the roadmap is dragged to the roadmap editor.
  • UI slightly compressed and some fields moved around to give you more space for work.

Minor changes

  • [NEW] Print single or multiple selected cards. So far it was possible to print only all cards in the sprint backlog or in the Story map. Now you can just select few or newly added and print them. Because we like physical boards! Even it sounds crazy form an author of electronic tool.
  • [NEW] XS card size in Story Map to display more cards in case of complex product backlogs.
  • [NEW] SPRINT REVIEW document: Added hyperlinks to backlog items listed in Sprint backlog table to access details of them.
  • [NEW] Based on your requests an estimated time is displayed on backlog item cards. We had to make cards little bit more wide to find the space for that, but hopefully it satisfies product owners in their sprint pre-planning sessions.
  • [NEW] WORK: Waiting flag displayed on subtasks to indicate paused activity/ SO far it was possible to mark subtask as Waiting, but this situation was not transparent on the Kanban board.
  • Filters
    • [NEW] STORY MAP: Epics and features are hidden in case there is no nested backlog item filtered by the filter configuration.
    • [NEW] Possibility to filter, group and sort backlog items by Due date
    • [NEW] Filters are applied on subtask level now, not just backlog items.
    • [NEW] Alphabetically sorted values in all options to find them much faster.
    • [FIX] Filter processes ‘ character correctly
  • [CHANGE] Spent line in the Velocity chart is calculated at the end of the sprint not according to the beginning of the sprint which gives product owners better inside about the effort spent in the sprint.
  • [FIX] Backlog item has not been populated for subtasks if detail has been open on new tab
  • [FIX] Long epic or feature titles were not trimmed correctly in filters
  • [FIX] Change of the end day of a sprint doesn’t update burndown chart in all cases.
  • [FIX] Y axis of burndown chart were not updated correctly when changed type of data shown on Y axis (effort, time, etc.)