Microsoft Teams notifications

Is your Agile team distributed? Does your company use Microsoft Teams as collaboration tool? Stay informed on project changes in your agile team even without ScrumDesk.

Integrate ScrumDesk with MS Teams application via incoming webhook to get the notifications on new backlog items, tasks, their changes, or just new worklogs.

Custom Fields, multiple types

Do you need to add special information to backlog items managed in ScrumDesk application? In this case, just keep it in custom fields.

The latest version offers possibility to specify one of the type for your custom field:

  • String for anything what you want to write as a string :).
  • Date for your milestones, due dates, delivery dates, tracking of activities with your customers or stakeholders.
  • Boolean if you need to track status in form of your Yes or No.
  • Integer for numbers, counts, requests, etc.
  • Decimal for real numbers, percentage, currencies.

Custom fields can be configured onĀ Project Settings page where you can add, change or remove them.

Once custom fields are configured, the value can be entered on Details side view for every backlog item.

scrumdesk custom fields configuration
scrumdesk custom fields types configuration

Backlog items and subtasks progress

Are you interested in how you spent the effort on backlog items distributed over time? Click any backlog item or subtasks and check Worklogs Tracker chart in the side view. The chart displays non-billable and billable value series to easily compare the cost of work spent on the backlog item.

Worklogs time spent tracking chart

Minor changes

  • Archive and restore Objectives and key results to not focus on the past objectives.
  • Autofocus Estimated field in the Set estimate form.
  • OKR Overview chart: added Zoom button
  • Fixed: KR without title is not clickable in the diagram
  • Display long epic title in the user story map
  • Estimated vs. Spent chart: Estimated series not displayed