What happen?

ScrumDesk Professional for Windows has been available since 2007. It was the fifth tool on the market at that time delivered globally.

More than 98% of computers had Windows installed at that time. The Internet has been growing up. ASP.NET applications were modern and JavaScript started to be trendy for simple animations. Internet Explorer was the most used browser and people spent a lot of time observing request-response communication.

Since then the typical environment of our users has changed significantly. People expect and use web applications much more now. They want to access them immediately from multiple devices. From multiple operating systems.

In addition, the agile world has changed as well. Some practices simplified and became a standard. Some others were scaled up as enterprise companies introduced agile into their development.

Due to all these facts, we decided to discontinue our Windows-based edition and replace it with ScrumDesk which offers even better possibilities for small & medium size agile teams.

Why is ScrumDesk better?

  • Redesigned from scratch to simplify usability for daily usage by agile teams.
  • An experience gathered from the agile coaching of 100+ agile teams included into concepts and features of ScrumDesk
  • Coverage of full agile life cycle. From product grooming through planning, daily life and retrospectives as well.
  • We want to offer electronic boards that look the same as physical.  Especially great for teams which are partially collocated and dislocated at the same time.
  • A lot of small, but important, tools that increase the effectiveness of agile team (capacity planning, team leveling, etc.).
  • Simplify life of ScrumMasters. Quickly identify bottlenecks in your process and helps optimize them.
  • Great overview of product backlog for Product Owners. Different perspectives like investment themes, epics, templates, types, prioritization techniques, mid-term and long-term planning.
  • Unique agile tips guiding your teams to do Scrum correctly.
  • Available in your browser. Login with Google account, or email and password.
  • Hosted in the cloud. Local installation is planned for 2017.

Are you existing user?

Don’t be afraid. We will provide support for users who paid for licenses as part of licensing agreement in the year 2017.  Also, you still will be able to access your hosted repositories until the end of 2017. We will also help you to move them to your local network.