Don’t give KO to your OKR: 25 don‘ts and 5 do’s

Review your OKR Company Objectives and key results (OKR) impact more people than just the development teams, they affect everyone working in or with the company. In theory, coming up with good OKR might seem easy enough, but when you start using them in real life, writing the right OKR becomes very complicated. [...]

Became a great Scrum Master

Agile and Scrum have become widely used in IT and even though the advantages of this framework are numerous, some people just don’t like it. A lot of them had their own experience with Scrum, in particular with bad Scrum. Attending 45 minutes long “daily stand-ups”, Scrum Master demanding overtime because other team’s velocity [...]

19 ideas to help improve agile KPI

At the turning point of the year, it’s time for the interviews in companies. Favorite review of last year’s work and proposal of new goals. Plus, their KPI. Key Performance Indicators. At the given time, it was a topic of the week for me. I saw interesting KPI: Your goal is to make an [...]

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