Glossary: AGILE

A philosophy which provides an excellent baseline by the understanding of being iterative and incremental through collaboration between self-organizing, value-driven teams and adaptive to changes

Scrum is a formal process framework for developing and sustaining complex products. It has been invented by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

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It is the single source of the new features, changes to existing features, bug fixes, infrastructure changes and everything that might be needed in the product.

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The Sprint Backlog is timeboxed plan consisting of the product backlog subset that a team targets to deliver during a given period in order to meet the sprint goal.

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Backlog refinement is a regular pre-planning session for keeping the backlog updated and ensuring that the items at the top are at the right granularity for the next few sprints.

The Story Mapping invented by Jeff Patton is a way to envisage the entire product or service backlog as a series of user activities in rough order of priority. ScrumDesk is one of few tools supporting this method in STORY MAP module.

The User story has two meanings in agile comapnies. Originally it is a format of requirements thatIt answers the questions What? For Who? And Why? It is also  the smallest unit of the requirement delivering a business value in an agile framework.

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The sprint planning is a regular start point session in order to clarify the backlog items and identify the impediments and dependencies. The result of this session is the sprint kanban board that contains selected backlog items (the sprint backlog) typically broken into subtasks which might be assigned and estimated. The team should always check their capacity and velocities prior the commitment.

The Sprint Retrospective is a regular feedback session of the scrum team at the end of the current sprint in order to improve continuously. It is lead by ScrumMaster and the whole team, including the product owner, participates. ScrumDesk supports retrospectives by 14 retrospective techniques.

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During the Sprint Review, an informal session, the team and stakeholders collaborate about what was done in the sprint in order to improve the product. With ScrumDesk users can easily generate the final sprint report that can be used in the Sprint Review session.

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The Task board is used by individuals or teams to track the work path toward completion. It contains backlog items and usually subtasks necessary to complete to deliver backlog items. There might be more types of backlog items and subtasks. The task board represents the sprint backlog in Scrum.

Kanban in Japanese means “a card”. Kanban board, in Agile preferably physical board, is the board with cards representing requirement or task used to visualize work.

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The Burn Down chart is a graphic representation of the rate at which work is completed and how much work remains to be done. It is the primary Scrum agile metrics used for prediction of commitment delivery. Some teams use burndown chart to measure even mid-term plans realization via release (program increment) burndown charts.

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The daily status is meant to quickly resolve impediments experiencing by the team. It is a short meeting in which all team members participate. The Product owner is more than welcome.

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The Definition of Done is criteria for accepting user story as completed. It is an agreement between the team, the product owner and stakeholders. ScrumDesk supports the Definition of Done via story templates that speed-up the process of planning and make DoD consistent.

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The Product Increment is a work completed within the current and previous sprints which those that meet the Definition of Done. The increment should deliver value, it is not just a list of features or tasks added to the product in the latest sprint.

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Velocity represents the amount of work which the team is able to deliver within an iteration. It is used to predict when the product backlog will be completed.

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The sprint in Scrum is a period (mostly not longer than 3 weeks) during which the team produces an increment towards the product completion.  The sprint backlog is completed.

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The sprint goal is a sprint objective met through the implementation of Sprint Backlog. It is defined by the product owner but focused on the iteration. It should be the business-oriented sentence.


The INVEST principle is a simple abbreviation created to remember an accepted set of criteria to assess the quality of a user story, which should be Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small and Testable. This principle helps product owners to properly specify requirements, user stories.

MVP is the product, which has enough core features to be effectively deployed as soon as possible.

The Planning Poker is a consensus-based technique for an agile estimation which prefers relative comparison of backlog items. Fibonacci scale or modified, the Planning Poker scale defined by Mike Cohn (Mountain Goats Software) is preferred for the estimation.

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The Scrum team is a small group (mostly 3-9 people) of the champions for sustainable development practices. Ideally, they are allocated fulltime to an agile project. This team is also multi-disciplined, with developers and testers or any necessary role for completion of the product on board.

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The Product Owner is responsible for delivery of the product in quality and with the added value based on the customer requirements and maximizing the work of the Development Team.

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The Scrum Master is a change agent and initiates a measure for improving team efficiency. It helps team self-organizes, coaches the agile principles, values and techniques and facilitates sessions.

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There are multiple meanings of the word Kanban. Originally it means “a card”. To understand the process deeply, visualization and transparency are necessary. That’s the reason for having everything that needs to be done place on the card. Kanban card.

In the software industry, Kanban is an agile framework for continuous development and delivery, moving a small number of tasks fluidly to completion.