Pig & chicken

Metaphor that helps to distinguish people actively involved in development of the product and people

who should not interrupt the team in an iteration.
scrumdesk Pig and chicken metaphor agile scrum principles

Product Owner

Father of the product. Responsible for product success. Provides a vision to the team.

Communication channel between the team, stakeholders and customers.

Responsible for:

  • product requirements,
  • prioritization,
  • stakeholders management
  • driving product planning meetings
  • accessing sprint planning meetings
  • acceptation of result during sprint review meeting

Scrum Master

Team shield. Facilitator and process keeper. Keeping the flow flowing.

  • Meetings facilitation
  • Getting things done
  • Validating status of development
  • Coach of the team
  • Providing visibility
  • The first contact point
  • Impediments tracking
  • Helps to team to clean problems
  • Align with other teams


Agile team is

  • Multi-discipline
  • Self-organized
  • Collaborative
  • Sharing the same goal
  • Self-supportive
  • It respects scrum values (commitment, openness, courage, focus , respect)


Not scrum role. Supportive role in agile. More leader than manager. Not command & control, but create space for self-organization. Shielding the team, supporting it from organization perspective. Solving risks. Stuffing, hiring.