ScrumDesk v6.29.1: improved Root Cause Analysis editor, KANBAN style + more!

Root Cause Analysis Editor We are glad to see more and more (and especially experienced) agile teams to use Root Cause Analysis editor to build a shared understanding of reasons for their impediments. This way agile teams can focus on the true cause of the problem instead of solving some indicators. In this version [...]

De-bugize! How to plan fixing of bugs in Scrum.

Are you distressed by the huge amount of defects in the product? In this article, you will learn about what practical possibilities you have in agile teams and managing error correction. One of the first questions that pop up whilst introducing agile is how to deal with errors. Too often I hear an immediate answer: [...]

How to work with Kanban board

Agile teams track their tasks on a Kanban board that visualize the status of a work with help of multiple columns. Every column means some status. The team member should move task cards between these statuses to indicate on which task she works, which has been done and which still needs to be developed. ScrumDesk enables [...]

ScrumDesk v3.5 – instant tasks sync, cumulative flow for Kanban, work logs, history

Instant synchronization of tasks The board is alive finally. Adding new tasks, changing them, moving, cloning or deleting them will update kanban boards of all team members in seconds. Just change them and everybody see the same. Cumulative Flow Chart   Cumulative Flow Chart enables Scrum Masters to identify gaps in process. Teams can see how backlog total [...]

ScrumDesk – Daily life with Kanban board

Daily life The Kanban board is a primary visual tool for the self-organized team. Kanban board is split into multiple columns and rows (swimlanes). The main goal is to visualize work and its status. ScrumDesk board provides an access to user stories and tasks selected for a particular sprint. Tasks and status Stories are typically [...]

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