We are happy to announce an update of ScrumDesk which is available for more than two months now.

For more than two months about 800 active companies and universities have been using this simple, web-based, solution to manage Scrum or Kanban projects.

Also, we are very thankful for a lot of comments, request and kudos you sent us in this period. Thanks to that we were able to choose top 13 improvements and to fix 15 top important issues.


  • [Added] More explanations added to messages displayed due to incorrect workflow usage by user.
  • [Added] Task is automatically assigned to person dragging it to Done
  • [Added] Favicon for the application.
  • [Added] Additional details for errors reported to our support.
  • [Improved] Adding not-existing team member to project displayed message which was not clear enough.
  • [Improved] File format validation when the new avatar is uploaded.
  • [Improved] Edit of epics or themes is completed automatically when new backlog item is added.
  • [Improved] Text indicating the release end date in Plan view.
  • [Improved] Permissions for operations are updated to improve workflow based on user role and the current state of the sprint.
  • [Improved] The last view settings of the kanabn board are restored on display.
  • [Improved] BurnDown chart calculation improved for marginal cases.
  • [Improved] Possibility to choose from all cached Google accounts.
  • [Improved] Update of burndown chart upon a change of task remaining or duration time.
  • [Improved] Task and backlog item title can be longer than 255 characters.
  • [Fixed] Impossible to add/delete tasks to backlog items in case parent release has been closed.
  • [Fixed] Incorrect message displayed in case new tasks are added to closed sprint.
  • [Fixed[ Story is incorrectly displayed in two sprints.
  • [Fixed] You are not authorized to perform that operation in many cases.
  • [Fixed] Impossible to add new tasks immediately once the project has been created. Refresh was necessary.
  • [Fixed] An order of tasks is changed occasionally.
  • [Fixed]  ? mentioned in project guidance mislead users to click ? icon instead of typing ‘?’ keyboard character.
  • [Fixed] Incorrect translation of texts displayed in guidance.
  • [Fixed] Drag of the task is not possible immediately after the start of sprint in some cases.
  • [Fixed] Task added in side detail view is not displayed in Kanban board.
  • [Fixed] ‘aaaa’ might be entered as default sprint length.
  • [Fixed] Mouse cursor changed to edit cursor for Estimate field in side view.
  • [Fixed] Incorrect texts displayed if no sprint is defined.
  • [Fixed] Group by Theme does not work in Plan view.
  • [Fixed] Add task link in side view is not available in some cases.

What we plan to bring as the next

  1. Reset of the password.
  2. Restart sprint or release.
  3. Change of organization details.

And, the new release has been just started

Your ScrumDesk team.