ScrumDesk Start! – Release planning

Posted on 18, Sep 2014

Planning in Agile Our aim is to create a tool very similar to physical board on which team members are working with cards in different corners of planning board. The board that can be split into more panes, swim lines representing either backlog, different releases or sprints. The board on which you can see customer’s stories. Product owners often need to plan […]

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ScrumDesk Start! – Product backlog management

Posted on 3, Sep 2014

An index card Fundamental XP practice is to keep requirements written on an index card. The index card should be: small, therefore requirement has to be written clearly, movable, so backlog is visually clean, resizable, so size of cards can help to organize backlog, colored, so teams can categorize thousands of cards according to team’s rules.   […]

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ScrumDesk Start! – Epics and themes management

Posted on 31, Aug 2014

Epics and themes Products are typically described by hundreds of requirements which are organized in product backlog and represented by index cards. Large requirements, epics, cannot be completed in one sprint so they are broken into more user stories. Epics are then delivered in releases. But even small user stories from different epics can have something in common. Such group of user stories is called theme. […]

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ScrumDesk Start! – Add new project

Posted on 30, Aug 2014

A lot of agile teams work for different clients. Projects are typically owned and managed by client and teams are contracted as developers who need an access to requirements and work tracking. Start! edition therefore supports concept of projects listed by organizations for which you have been invited to work. Project details New project is in Start! characterized by: […]

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ScrumDesk Start! – Start with an invitation

Posted on 29, Aug 2014

In ScrumDesk Start! edition you can track a work for one or more organizations. Organization account An organization account is created automatically based on information entered in Sign Up form. For this organization your user account will be assigned as an administrator which gives you privilege to manage user accounts plus other details (not available in beta). Send invitations Once you are […]

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ScrumDesk Start! is available

Posted on 25, Aug 2014

ScrumDesk Start!, web edition for small Agile teams, is available now. With this edition we focused on small teams that do not need huge tool with lot of features, but need to accomplish  the results quickly. Such teams typically apply fundamental Scrum practices focusing on: visual product backlog management, fast planning of multiple releases and sprints, […]

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Certified ScrumMaster workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

Posted on 7, Jul 2014

Even summer has just started, do not forget to think about your future career. The demand of the market for great ScrumMasters is increasing in the last years. Even certification doesn’t mean you will be great ScrumMaster, it can help you to find your new job you will love to do faster. Together with Zuzana Sochova, famous czech […]

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Version More crash handlers

Posted on 30, Mar 2014

Few customers informed us this week about crashes of ScrumDesk once it has been started. As prevention, we added additional validations at places where we assumed the code might crash. All users will be informed about an availability of newer version upon ScrumDesk start.

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Version Minor fixes

Posted on 23, Mar 2014

Changes: [Fix] Effort of user story incorrectly increased by 1 when task is added Few visual and user interfaces improvements Send us your additional request to  

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ScrumDesk Start – back to the Agile roots. Forward to Web.

Posted on 1, Mar 2014

Back to the Agile roots ScrumDesk is for Windows. Yes, with Desktop edition until now. But not anymore. Because ScrumDesk Start edition will be born officially soon. When we were discussing about ScrumDesk history, the development of product backlog since 2007,  the world of Agile and changes of technologies in the last six years, it was much clearer […]

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