Start! v3.14.2 – Performance, security, usability

Posted on 10, Apr 2016

ScrumDesk Start! v3.14.2 brings major changes we think you will like. Our aim for this version was to speedup the tool, increase security and usability. Changes are not so visible for the first sight as most of them were internal. Context menu For easier planning we have added context menu for backlog items with possibility to move, or […]

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Start! 3.14.1 – User stories map improvements

Posted on 2, Feb 2016

User Stories Map We are proud to say we finalized user story map. At least up to the level we think that usability and performance is perfect. But that doesn’t mean we do not want to improve it. We have couple of additional ideas as well, so be ready for planning possibilities, feature level  and others. What […]

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Certified Scrum Master, May 10-11, Bratislava

Posted on 25, Jan 2016

ScrumDesk and Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski organize Certified ScrumMaster workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia. When? Where? May 10-11, 2016, Hotel Barónka, Mudrochova 2, Bratislava – Rača. How much? Till end of Feb – 999€, later 1200€. VAT is not included. Registration About trainer Tomasz is first Certified Scrum Trainer from Poland. In 2010 he started ProCognita to help IT organizations in their […]

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Start! v.3.13.2 – User story mapping, import from JIRA

Posted on 29, Dec 2015

User story mapping User story mapping is a technique which we believe helps readability of the product backlog. Start! has provided it from its first version in form of free canvas displayed in Desk view. Based on your feedback we have implemented improved mode STORY MAP supporting a matrix of epics broken into backlog items. The first row of the user […]

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Start! v3.12.2 – task types, your definition of done

Posted on 21, Nov 2015

Task types Agile teams are multidisciplinary teams so you should have analyst, developer, tester or even operation role in your team. And everybody needs to find out an appropriate card on kanban board quickly. Start! has supported colors for subtask from the first version. An intent of this feature was to highlight the type of subtask and […]

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Start! v3.12 – Custom fields

Posted on 31, Oct 2015

Custom fields You asked for them many times. Start! supports custom fields for backlog items and tasks now. Well, for a now it is MVP in which you can configure them and enter data. Filtering, searching, group by custom fields will come in upcoming versions soon. Custom fields can be configured on Project Settings page where you can add […]

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Start! v3.11 – can we commit?

Posted on 2, Oct 2015

Capacity Planner Your sprint backlog is planned and backlog items are broken to subtasks. They are even estimated and assigned. Now, the moment of truth. Will you be able to finish what you have just committed to? Scrum teams check capacity of all team members by simple form. Capacity = number of days at work during the sprint […]

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Start! v3.10 – what has been finished?

Posted on 1, Sep 2015

Sprint report Do you want to be prepared for sprint review session with all information necessary to review your commitments and status of outcome? Sprint reports is the document that summarizes: Sprint title and goals Sprint start and end dates Information about the team who worked on sprint items Information about work spent vs. capacity […]

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Start! v3.9 – Backbone for Retrospectives

Posted on 4, Jul 2015

Retrospective techniques Do you need to energize your retrospectives? There is one very easy receipt to try. Just changing retrospective format or technique helps a lot. ScrumDesk Start! enables now to apply following retrospective techniques: classic Good vs. Better, Star Fish, Mad Sad Glad, 4L, Star Stop Continue, 6 Thinking Hats, and even possibility to place […]

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How To: Business Model and the Product Strategy

Posted on 21, Jun 2015

Agile works very well in product oriented environment. It’s understandable, as Agile Manifesto as a key document of whole Agile stresses the functional product as one of the most important values. When implementing agile practices, Product development is very often reduced to: Description of responsibilities for Product Owner role, Request recording, Maintenance of backlogs, and, maybe, […]

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