Certified ScrumMaster workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

Posted on 7, Jul 2014

Even summer has just started, do not forget to think about your future career. The demand of the market for great ScrumMasters is increasing in the last years. Even certification doesn’t mean you will be great ScrumMaster, it can help you to find your new job you will love to do faster. Together with Zuzana Sochova, famous czech […]

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Version More crash handlers

Posted on 30, Mar 2014

Few customers informed us this week about crashes of ScrumDesk once it has been started. As prevention, we added additional validations at places where we assumed the code might crash. All users will be informed about an availability of newer version upon ScrumDesk start.

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Version Minor fixes

Posted on 23, Mar 2014

Changes: [Fix] Effort of user story incorrectly increased by 1 when task is added Few visual and user interfaces improvements Send us your additional request to support@scrumdesk.com.  

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ScrumDesk Start – back to the Agile roots. Forward to Web.

Posted on 1, Mar 2014

Back to the Agile roots ScrumDesk is for Windows. Yes, with Desktop edition until now. But not anymore. Because ScrumDesk Start edition will be born officially soon. When we were discussing about ScrumDesk history, the development of product backlog since 2007,  the world of Agile and changes of technologies in the last six years, it was much clearer […]

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Version 6.0: Visual markers, Kanban and integrated agile tips

Posted on 27, Feb 2014

Top features of version 6.0 Visual Markers Boards Due dates for stories and tasks New design of story side view Themes for story templates Kanban boards improvements Kanban statistics and cumulative flow chart Project related retrospective ideas Visual Markers What is the biggest advantage of Agile? Based on feedback gathered in our coaching it is visibility. […]

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Daily Stand-up IV. – Scrum Mastership

Posted on 28, Oct 2013

ScrumMaster is baking the daily bread on the daily stand-up. During these meetings his abilities and knowledge are uncovered. There is a possibility to pick up some useful information about the Scrum Mastership during the certification or specialized trainings but only trough real experience can you gain the deeper insight into the nature of things. […]

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We noticed… Week 1.

Posted on 19, Oct 2013

 The suggestions for this week are as follow: Top Five Tips for Starting Agile Talk: Jeff Lawson on Software Development Adopting Agile When Your Management Style is Mostly Command and Control Getting started with Acceptance-Test Driven Development

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We noticed…

Posted on 13, Oct 2013

Here you will find series of articles that cover a range of subjects from detailed ‘how-to’ to more general advice and suggestions. Some of them are short tips; others are longer articles that require you to click through to another page. These articles are being added continuously so please visit us from time to time […]

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Daily Stand-up forgot the rules!

Posted on 8, Oct 2013

Although Agile looks chaotic in practice at first glance, good agile teams take heed to the rules agreed upon in a team. Rules for the daily stand-up Rules for the daily stand-up should cover the following: Where will be the stand-up held? What time does the stand-up start? What is the duration of the stand-up? […]

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Daily Stand-up done well II

Posted on 19, Sep 2013

We approached the reasons for the regular meetings of the team in the first post. Another issue ScumMaster should consider is where the daily stand-up would be held. This topic is obviously more important for the non-distributed teams. The stand-up that has taken place without any changes in a team room is the common mistake that […]

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