Start! v3.7 – performance & story templates

Posted on 23, May 2015

Performance improvements We continued with performance improvements targeting the second(s) goal to instead of minutes for large backlogs. We are happy to share we were successful, but also that doesn’t mean we has ended. As  Backlog and Work views are the most used parts of application, we chosen them for performance improvements of back-end service calls and also for intensive […]

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Start! v 3.6

Posted on 8, May 2015

Performance improvements, part I. As the first of performance improvements we concentrated on Kanban board that is the most used part of the application. We integrated caching into Kanban board. The first load has shortened by 25%. Following loads of kanban board is matter of seconds instead of dozens of seconds. JSON response by API is generated […]

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Start! v.3.5 – instant tasks sync, Kanban, work logs, history

Posted on 19, Apr 2015

Instant synchronization of tasks The board is alive finally. Adding new tasks, changing them, moving, cloning or deleting them will update kanban boards of all team members in seconds. Just change them and everybody see the same. Cumulative Flow Chart   Cumulative Flow Chart enables Scrum Masters to identify gaps in process. Teams can see how backlog total size […]

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Start! 3.4.2 – attachments plus #Slack

Posted on 16, Mar 2015

Backlog item attachments Start! now supports keeping documents, UX designs and other assets related to backlog item  (aka user story) in Amazon S3 cloud integrated with Start! Files can be uploaded in side view when you click on a card. The usage is similar to many other applications on web.   Preview of attached picture is […]

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Start! v3.4 – analytics, comments, emails, speed

Posted on 28, Feb 2015

A message from you A few days ago we received in our support page following message form Dave: Don’t add anything!!! The problem with many versions of agile software is they pack them with so many tools that the core functionality gets muddled. ScrumDesk desktop is so beautifully uncluttered that you don’t have to think about […]

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ScrumDesk sponsors CopenhagenContext 2015

Posted on 9, Feb 2015

CopenhagenContext 2015 is unique conference for testers about context-driven testing. It is the largest international Nordic. This year the conference will be held during four days, in four parallel tracks  with 18 speakers experienced in testing area of agile development. ScrumDesk company, a producer of scrum project management tools that help teams to apply agile practices correctly, was […]

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Posted on 24, Jan 2015

AGILE ToolboX  is a set of simple tools  that agile team can use to support agile planning, daily standups or retrospectives. Agile ToolboX runs in web browser on any platform.       Cards Different card sets for backlog grooming, planning, team estimation or retrospectives. AGILE ToolboX supports multiple scales to estimate business value, effort or risk level. Teams can use Planning Poker, Fibonacci, 1 […]

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Start! now with all Scrum practices in one pack

Posted on 23, Dec 2014

Two days before Christmas we have published an update of ScrumDesk Start!. We hope your teams will find it valuable once they will plan the first release of year 2015. The Goal The main goal for release v.0.3 has been a support of all core Scrum practices used by agile teams. From improvement of planning, through daily life tracking to retrospectives. […]

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Webinar Traditional versus Agile

Posted on 22, Nov 2014

(In Slovak language)

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Start! update: Iteration restart

Posted on 16, Nov 2014

ScrumDesk Start! has been updated again. Thanks to all our customers who asked for new features we have implemented in this release. What we changed: [NEW] Release and sprint can be restarted once it has been closed. [NEW] Password reset functionality in login screen. [NEW] Password can be changed in Profile page. [CHANGE] Minimum password length is […]

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