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Bugs, incidents, problems, and service requests in Agile

May 27th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

It happened once again. 2nd level support teams (outside of scrum/agile) raised new incidents towards the scrum teams (3rd level support). How to prioritize work between business requirements and non-business requirements where the Product Owner is focused primarily on business requirements? Product Owners should not focus on business requirements only. The Product Owner is responsible for the product that stands on multiple legs. Business, technology, support, bugs, [...]

ScrumDesk now on ProductHunt

May 18th, 2020|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

We've just added ScrumDesk on ProductHunt! ScrumDesk has supported more than 40 000 teams since 2007. This together with agile coaching helps us understand what is really important for an agile mindset. A lot of ideas were implemented or updated and some of them were even scratched. Because we make ScrumDesk full of meaningful agile product management practices that help you build the right [...]

Frequently Asked: Story points in team of experts

May 7th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

Should you use story points for a team of developers developing multiple systems? The situation This question was asked by scrum masters who's teams are not ideal agile teams as the company introduces agile in multiple steps. Their team typically consists of experts focused on web, ledger, back- ends PHP / Java. They are focused either on technology or business domain without knowing a lot about others. But, [...]

How To: An Online Backlog Refinement

May 7th, 2020|All|

Online meetings are the new reality of our everyday lives. Most of us have already been to an online meeting with a difficult agenda or maybe you’re just planning one. But achieving demanding goals in the online world is not easy. Working from home means more distractions when you’re already trying to concentrate on 10 people talking on your screen. How can you organize a difficult online meeting [...]

Don’t give KO to your OKR: 25 don‘ts and 5 do’s

April 9th, 2020|All|

Review your OKR Company Objectives and key results (OKR) impact more people than just the development teams, they affect everyone working in or with the company. In theory, coming up with good OKR might seem easy enough, but when you start using them in real life, writing the right OKR becomes very complicated. Teams we often work with repeat the same mistakes, which usually leads [...]

ScrumDesk 8.44: Microsoft Teams notifications + Custom fields types

March 7th, 2020|All, ScrumDesk Web Edition|

Microsoft Teams notifications Is your Agile team distributed? Does your company use Microsoft Teams as collaboration tool? Stay informed on project changes in your agile team even without ScrumDesk. Integrate ScrumDesk with MS Teams application via incoming webhook to get the notifications on new backlog items, tasks, their changes, or just new worklogs. Custom Fields, multiple types [...]

ScrumImpulz conference on Agile practices on May 27th in Slovakia – CANCELED

February 13th, 2020|All, Events|

UPDATE: We are very sorry to inform you that due to safety concerns regarding the spread of coronavirus we decided to cancel the #ScrumImpulz 2020. For more information please visit the ScrumImpulz Conference pages. We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to seeing you in 2021. Stay safe. International Conference on Agile by ScrumDesk We are pleased to invite you to the 10th year [...]

ScrumDesk 8.44: Track Objectives and Key Results Progress

February 12th, 2020|All|

Objectives & Key Results Overview - track OKR interactively An understanding of the current status and progress of objectives and key results is quite tricky. Especially if you have multiple Objectives and Key Results. With the new Objectives and Key Results overview interactive chart you can play to understand which goal and key results currently add the biggest portion of value to your effort and which are [...]

Scaled Agility Meetup #2, Košice, 12.3.2020

February 12th, 2020|All, Events|

Eben van Ellewee The Challenges of the Product Owner in a Corporate world To be the product owner in the corporate world is challenging. Huge pressure from your stakeholders, you are far from your end user, there is a lot of dependencies, complex technologies and technical debt. Highly possible. You also need to be synchronized with other product owners in the program or even in the [...]

Every product needs an elevator statement

February 10th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

Previously, we’ve shown you how to write a great elevator statement and some real-life examples. In this post, we’ll show you why you should start writing an elevator statement right now and how it can help you not just create a valuable product for the customer, but also make the development easier. An elevator statement for your product Saves time and resources If we break down the product [...]

Elevator statement: Real-life examples and similar tools

February 6th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

We focused the second part of our elevator statement series on working with real-life examples and showing you similar tools. Learn how to improve an elevator statement by using our tips and asking the questions we discussed in the first post. The first elevator statement Let’s take a look at an example of an elevator statement for a task management application for their employees working remotely. Below is [...]

How to write a great elevator statement

February 3rd, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

What value your product brings? Can you explain in 30 seconds? You want to build a meaningful product that brings value to customers. But how can you do your best to stay on the right track? To focus on the features that matter or create a product that customers want to buy? Start with an elevator statement and focus on what’s important from the beginning. An elevator statement [...]

The History of Scrum: How, when and why

January 22nd, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

Understand the reasons, not just the process. Scrum's been around for over two decades and is helping many people successfully develop new products faster and more efficiently. This framework was officially first introduced to the public in 1995 by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, but as the authors say, it's not anything that hasn't been done before. For both Schwaber and Sutherland, the formal Scrum model was the [...]

How to split user stories? Part 3: By business rules variation

January 20th, 2020|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

How to split user stories properly? In previous articles you could read more on the split by workflow steps and by operations. This article brings examples on the user stories splitting by business rules variation. Business rules The business works in very complex environment. Complex technologies, global competition, complex design of existing IT systems, complex business rules and their variations with many exceptions. Loan for [...]

Became a great Scrum Master

December 29th, 2019|Agile Knowledge Hub, All|

Agile and Scrum have become widely used in IT and even though the advantages of this framework are numerous, some people don’t like it. A lot of them had their own experience with Scrum, particularly with bad Scrum. Attending 45 minutes long “daily stand-ups”, a Scrum Master demanding overtime because the other team’s velocity is higher, or even a Scrum Master acting as a project manager would probably [...]