Sprint review report

Do you want to be prepared for a sprint review session with all information necessary to review your commitments and the status of the outcome? Sprint report is the document that summarizes:

  • Sprint title and goals
  • Sprint start and end dates
  • Information about the team who worked on sprint items
  • Information about work spent vs. capacity per team member
  • Statistics of planned vs. completed sprint backlog items
  • BurnDown chart
  • Table of sprint backlog items with ID, title, type, status, estimated time, and time spent.

scrumdesk sprint report demo review

Unplaced backlog items

Backlog items created in PLAN or places out of backlog desk were placed in the top left corner previously which wasn’t very appreciated in previous versions. From v.3.10 are such backlog items placed into new panel Unplaced items available in BACKLOG view. To pin stories onto the desk you have to just drag cards. Nothing else.

scrumdesk product backlog unplaced item

Quick Filters

To take care of the Kanban board requires time. ScrumMasters can be great support of agile teams in the identification of process gaps, however, they have to orient in dozens, if not hundreds of cards.

scrumdesk quick filters

To identify gaps faster we have introduced the following quick filters available in the Filter panel:

  • Not updated – display tasks in progress that were not updated since yesterday (is burndown chart correct?)
  • Not estimated – show tasks without an estimation of time or with 0 times (is burndown chart correct?)
  • Longer than expected – what goes slower than estimated?
  • The due date in one day – what needs to be delivered tomorrow according to SLA?
  • With impediments – show blocked tasks
  • Added after sprint start – what has been added lately?
  • Recently updated – what has been changed from the last time I was online?

Minor changes

  • [FEAT] Task attachments.
  • [FEAT] Indicated active filtering.
  • [FEAT] Task ID displayed in the Side view.
  • [FEAT] Local commands moved from the local menu to the immediately accessible toolbar in the Side view.
  • [FEAT] Terms of policy and privacy agreement.
  • [FEAT] Cookies warning.
  • [FEAT] Performance improvements.
  • [FIX] Slow editing in the product backlog.
  • [FIX] Rich text formatting editor in Firefox.
  • [FIX] Story detail doesn’t show for the completed story.
  • [FIX] Sort of sprints in the Side view by sprint date.
  • [FIX] Unread notifications not indicated.
  • [FIX] Sprint remaining days are not indicated correctly in all cases.