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Scrum Glossary: Scrum Roles

Pig & chicken Metaphor that helps to distinguish people actively involved in development of the product and people who should not interrupt the team in an iteration. Product Owner Father of the product. Responsible for product success. Provides a vision to the team. Communication channel between the team, stakeholders and customers. Responsible for: product [...]

What does your BurnDown chart say?

ScrumDesk analyzes agile practices applied by teams and helps ScrumMasters to identify gaps quickly. These tips and findings of BurnDown charts are based on our 14+ years of agile coaching. Check additional metrics that ScrumDesk helps to track. Burn Down Chart is a primary scrum metric used to track the implementation progress of the [...]

Start Agile Transformation of your teams with The Drawing Game

The transition of teams to agile is always challenging. People have expectations, habits, and beliefs about Agile. We worked with teams they were saying We are agile already. Because we are time boxed. Well, yes, you are right. Partially. The agile means a much wider range of practices. An agile coach can explain principles [...]

Workshop Scrum in real life in Bratislava, Slovakia

Do you want to produce more quickly with better quality than your competitors? Do frequent changes make your life complicated? Scrum, an agile project management framework, changes the way how to develop and deliver products. It has a strong accent to adaptability towards requirement changes, shortening the development cycle, teamwork, and quality. Workshop Scrum [...]

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Prepare Definition of Done together

As you are aware, Scrum is based on values very nice summarized by Mike Vizdos's o this cartoon. All of them, however, requires to define working agreement supporting creation of these values. An adaptation is in Scrum done at different levels, mostly through collaboration. Teams  have to have common understanding, common vocabulary. We use [...]

Scrum training

Are you looking for some ideas what Scrum is about? Check our training lesson we provided for more than 1.000 people in different IT companies of multiple business areas as telco, insurance, financial, startups, ISV, project, and product houses. Our training is about real-life experience, not just a presentation. [...]

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Scrum Checklist

Scrum is a lightweight process framework. As it is just a framework, you can find the same implementation in the world rarely. Even at the company level scrum implementation will be different project by project. To validate our coaching effort we use Scrum Checklist (originally written by Henrik Kniberg). Henrik's checklist is a paper-based [...]

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Real life episode: Speed Boat game helps improve

Successful companies are looking for the ways how to improve processes all the time. Sources of improvement, in companies driven by traditional management, are mostly selected people from senior management and/or process engineers. The problem is, as we in agile community see, that source of improvements are not the people directly doing the job in [...]

Real life episode: Product review

Sprint review (or demo, demonstration) is fundamental Scrum ceremony providing a visibility of results to a product owner, stakeholders or anyone invited.  For an agile team, a review is a key event as commitment they agreed on must be demonstrated as a real functionality. We spent a couple of few days on-site with teams we coach. The [...]

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Agile Consultancy Services

We help companies in Europe to improve and grow through agility improved by our services. Our coaches are in your country. Our coaches speak your language. Our coaches have real life experience. We offer: Training and workshops Agile coaching and support by our certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners Agile transformations Audits of implemented practices [...]

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