Definition of Ready example from a real-life

The Definition of Ready helps save a lot of money on development for little effort. Or, why define requirements properly. The Punkers team The Punkers have been the worse team for a client and their management for several years now. Their requirements are constantly stretched, and even if they can be completed, the client [...]

ScrumDesk 4.17.2: Business Value and Complexity Charts

Tasks in burn down chart Experienced agile teams don't estimate tasks and therefore they need just to track how tasks are solved. If this is your situation, choose TASKS in burn down chart legend and there you are. Cumulative Flow Chart for tasks Cumulative flow chart displayed backlog items so far. Tasks are however important in [...]

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ScrumDesk 3.5: Instant Tasks Sync, Cumulative Flow for Kanban, Work logs, History

Instant synchronization of tasks The board is alive finally. Adding new tasks, changing them, moving, cloning, or deleting them will update the Kanban boards of all team members in seconds. Just change them and everybody sees the same. Cumulative Flow Chart The Cumulative Flow Chart enables Scrum Masters to identify gaps in the process. Teams [...]