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Certified ScrumMaster workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

Even summer has just started, do not forget to think about your future career. The demand of the market for great ScrumMasters is increasing in the last years. Even certification doesn't mean you will be great ScrumMaster, it can help you to find your new job you will love to go faster. Together with Zuzana Sochova, a [...]

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Daily Stand-up done well II.

We approached the reasons for the regular meetings of the team in the first post. Another issue ScumMaster should consider is where the daily stand-up would be held. This topic is obviously more important for the non-distributed teams. The stand-up that has taken place without any changes in a team room is the common mistake [...]

Certified Scrum Master course in Bratislava on May 13th

Bratislava, Slovakia 13 May 2013 (till 14 May 2013)  Join our highly-interactive two-day class from the Agile Eastern Europe leader - Alexey Krivitsky. Alexey has been mastering Scrum since 2004 as a ScrumMaster, an Agile Coach, and a Certified Scrum Trainer. Now he is a managing partner of SCRUMguides and Agile Eastern Europe Conference. Get ready for serious [...]

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Free Scrum Guidelines

While being in agile transition, teams look for information on how to do agile correctly. Often the question sounds 'How to DO agile?' We prepared Scrum Guideline that we hope might be helpful to shorten your Agile transformation and stabilize the agile environment sooner. The paper describes all Scrum ceremonies with a focus on [...]

Scrum Glossary: Scrum Roles

Pig & chicken Metaphor that helps to distinguish people actively involved in development of the product and people who should not interrupt the team in an iteration. Product Owner Father of the product. Responsible for product success. Provides a vision to the team. Communication channel between the team, stakeholders and customers. Responsible for: product [...]

Step 5: Plan sprints

In this step product owner and development team will try to plan project sprints. Who Product Owner Scrum Master Planning in SCRUM In Step 4 Planning product releases we defined sprint as time box for developers to complete selected stories. Product Development Product Backlog Release A Release B Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 ScrumDesk: Planning [...]

Step 7: Planning Poker®

In this step development team is going to estimate stories. Who Scrum Master Developers Planning Poker® Our backlog contains all known stories which has to be developed for product. Team sits down together around the table and they starts to discuss size of each story. Product Development Product Backlog Every developer will get cards [...]

ScrumDesk for Windows (retired): Step 8 – Sprint planning meeting

In this step product, owner and development team will plan sprint. Who Product Owner Scrum Master Developers Visitors Sprint planning meeting Development team meats with the product owner on sprint planning meetings. The product owner shows the team his plan for the first sprint. Product owners chose stories by top importance (priority). Planning View [...]