Last year many people asked us about the benefits of Agile compared to traditional ways of creating products. Because of that we had a short brainstorming session and came up with this list of forty advantages of Agile:

  1. A customer gets value regularly even during the first weeks of development.
  2. Products are usable after the first two weeks.
  3. Continuous risk reduction from the start of a project.
  4. Results are available faster.
  5. The high commitment of a client.
  6. Easier product market adaptation.
  7. Higher competitiveness.
  8. Higher team engagement.
  9. Teams know and understand the business model.
  10. Task prioritization according to business values and risks.
  11. Higher productivity.
  12. Higher quality.
  13. Higher product knowledge in the team.
  14. Management leads more, manages less.
  15. Removal of micromanagement.
  16. Great visibility of the state of a product.
  17. Continuous improvement of processes and practices.
  18. Continuous review of vision and product strategy.
  19. Easy metrics allow operational validation of product status and changing according to requirements.
  20. Higher speed of delivery to markets.
  21. Higher customer trust.
  22. Projects more successful.
  23. The result is motivation.
  24. United team members.
  25. More frequent bug fixes.
  26. More intense cooperation and communication within a team as well as with a customer.
  27. The regular rhythm of team synchronization.
  28. Better predictability of supplies.
  29. Increased client satisfaction.
  30. Balanced cost of development.
  31. The team focused on the result.
  32. More effective team management in spite of regular changes.
  33. Higher team morality and discipline.
  34. Improved engineering practices.
  35. Easier and more effective development process.
  36. Good process adaptation to the culture of a company.
  37. Better ROI.
  38. A holistic approach to development, from development techniques, tools to team building, processes, and culture of a company.
  39. Significant improvement of presentation skills.
  40. Unmotivated individuals often decide to change (or change).