What you see on the picture below is a new functionality of ProductDesk module with designer of roadmaps. We are preparing it for the next major release and it is going to be huge, very huge, very, very very huge. Popular sentence these days :)

It is going to be available as a free upgrade for every  customer who had bought ProductDesk. This is not just UX proposal, it is functional feature available for selected customers now.

There is already a possibility to design & manage multiple roadmaps either for more teams or locations or products. Or any other criteria as they are free to enter in multiple lanes. Items can be moved  to multiple rows in multiple lanes and dragged around the dates to express your plans. Additionaly, sprints, releases and milestones are displayed in roadmaps as well.

To support planning, we added new fields for epics and features Planned Start, Planned End and Planned Duration, which will be used for long-term planning and validation of plans vs. reality.

epics planning

Other changes

  • [+] Billing: Support of VAT numbers for selected EU countries where applicable.
  • [+] Navigation in pictures gallery in case there is more than 1 picture uploaded to the backlog item or task.
  • [*] Only pictures can be uploaded in Comments.
  • [+] API to synchronize worklogs from 3rd party applications to ScrumDesk
  • [*] Sprint reports calculate 2 decimal places now.
  • [*] Change of grouping algorithm in sprint reports to correctly display team memebrs who worked on tasks in case of assignment changes.
  • [+] Organization role Manager is able to create new projects.
  • [+] Account type is required now in registration form.
  • [+] User is notified once she is assigned to an organization account
  • [*] Projects sorted alphabetically and grouped in Project list.
  • [+] Collapsible releases in PLAN view. Thanks to Jessica J!
  • [+] Organization administrator is warn if commercially charged user is added (startigh with 5th for commercial orgs).
  • [+] Details about pricing progam are displayed when account type is changed.
  • [+] Notes added to ORGANIZATION details if you need to inform us about something important related to billing.
  • [*] BILLING DETAILS section renamed to ORGANIZATION DETAILS in account settings.
  • [*] Menu item Account Settings renamed to My Organizations.
  • [+] User & account administrators are notified in case user wants to register already registered organization.
  • [*] 10 days for billing now instead of 5 days.
  • [FIX] Users does not see deactivated organizations now.
  • [FIX] Random erros displayed if account admin has changed an account type.
  • [FIX] Error message ‘User ID has been already taken‘ has been displayed when user was deleted and then invited back to a project.
  • [FIX] Upload of pictures in comments was broken due to changes of related libraries.
  • [FIX] Avatar not updated correctly due to changes of related libraries.
  • [OPS] Temporary unavailability of Google DNS disrupted our service.
  • [OPS] Updated SSL certificates.
  • [OPS] Change of technology stack from Ruby to NodeJS for front end application.
  • [OPS] Installation manual for local onsite installation available.