Do you take care of the complex agile project developed with one or more scrum teams?  Are your teams dislocated? Or do you manage product portfolio with the help of ScrumDesk?

Now you can do scheduling of the project in ScrumDesk not just with releases or sprints. ScrumDesk Roadmaps are an easy way to plan and schedule your project continuously without losing mid-term and long-term timing.

What can be done with the roadmap?

  1. Planning of more products in the portfolio, product areas, countries, or locations with help of roadmap lane.
  2. Further split of lanes into groups to plan work for teams in a particular product, portfolio or location.
  3. Schedule epics and features in rows by drag and drop.
  4. See releases, sprints, and the actual day.
  5. Milestones management.
  6. See reality vs. plan.
scrumdesk roadmap epic feature reality versus plan agile scrum product owner

ScrumDesk roadmaps editor

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Roadmaps are part of ProductDesk, the commercial module available in the ScrumDesk Market. You don’t have ProductDesk activated?

We enable ProductDesk and roadmaps for all active customers till the end of June, 2o17.

So, we wish you happy road mapping, scheduling, and planning. Let your product be successful!