ScrumDesk now on ProductHunt

We've just added ScrumDesk on ProductHunt! ScrumDesk has supported more than 40 000 teams since 2007. This together with agile coaching helps us understand what is really important for an agile mindset. A lot of ideas were implemented or updated and some of them were [...]

ScrumDesk Mobile for iOS is available

ScrumDesk mobile gives you high transparency and control over the management of projects in an agile way. With mobile edition you will be able: Access projects developed by your teams. Check all planned, active and finished iterations or sprints. See all product backlog requirements. Understand who is working on [...]

GitLab integration + full screen

GitLab integration Agile teams use a lot of tools these days, especially thanks to DevOps. GitLab is definitely one of the best DevOps tool on the market. It allows to track and manage a variety of activities and assets which can be connected to your product or sprint [...]

Manage ScrumDesk Project with Slack

Project management in agile team is done by everybody. This is not an easy task. It requires discipline and drives the focus of the team away from the main activities they like more. ScrumDesk online project management tool is built by our team with a passion for agile practices. We [...]

Import Trello Board to ScrumDesk

Do you manage projects in Trello? Trello is a great tool for small projects managed by small teams who need transparency of the Kanban board. Trello enables also to tracking of additional information. Anyway, once you think about Scrum, Trello becomes less useful as it lacks important parts that [...]

ScrumDesk 6.33.2: Minor changes and fixes

This time we published a few fixes and minor changes improving the usability of the ScrumDesk application to help you manage your projects easier: Dialoge Unfinished backlog items displayed when is not necessary. Work by task type, time perspective, numbers on X-axis divided by 60. Projects are still displayed [...]

The History of Scrum: How, when and why

Understand the reasons, not just the process. Scrum's been around for over two decades and is helping many people successfully develop new products faster and more efficiently. This framework was officially first introduced to the public in 1995 by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, but as the authors say, [...]

Became a great Scrum Master

Agile and Scrum have become widely used in IT and even though the advantages of this framework are numerous, some people just don’t like it. A lot of them had their own experience with Scrum, in particular with bad Scrum. Attending 45 minutes long “daily stand-ups”, Scrum Master demanding [...]

What is Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a frequently used word today in development. For a Product Owner it is one of the foundations of Agile and a successful product. However, are you sure you know what MVP is and how it differs from the minimum marketable product (MMP)? Many people mistake or [...]

ScrumImpulz 2019: Education track

Did you know that Agile can help students to learn in a more fun, collaborative and results-oriented way? How? More than 100 schools in Slovakia apply eduScrum already in the learning process. That definitely help grow our future colleagues ready for future innovative products that have to be built [...]

ScrumDesk 8.47: Retrospectives, Objectives and Key Results, Root Cause Analysis

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Retrospectives Retrospective Sessions Does your team like the retrospective format and use it even for non-retro brainstorming workshops? Create a retrospective session to keep all session ideas in one place. Every session might have a retrospective theme [...]

Agile mentor Barbora Moravcová about her work: We enter the working life of people and business organisations

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Barbora Moravcová started at ScrumDesk whilst she was still studying at university. After gaining valuable knowledge from other mentors, she decided to gain practical experiences from the other side, the perspective of being a client. Later she decided to [...]